Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blogger Interview #1

When I asked people on here and twitter whether anyone wanted to take part in a blogger interview I had an unbelievable response! I am still emailing people about it now!! Ive decided to post them once a week, so here is your first one. Its from the lovely Natalie at Your Almost Alice. 
From the way she answered her questions she seems like a good laugh!! So here it is,

1. Why did you start up your blog?
I've always had blogs, its always been something ive enjoyed doing but i started this specific one after watching youtube beauty videos nonstop and i was fascinated by them but i didnt feel comfortable filming videos and sitting in front of the camera so when i saw they had blogs too i decided to try it out and so far so good!

2. How do you think your blog has improved over time?
I think my my knowledge of products has improved - when im writing reviews/testing out products im more aware of what to look out for and what makes a good/bad product where in the beginning the reviews were very basic and just like ''this is nice'' kind of thing, so i feel thats improved my content and my reviews.
I also think my photos have improved a lot since i started - i'm still not 100% happy with them but they are definitely improving overtime.
3. Is there anything you don't like about blogging.
Other than the damage it does to my bank account, there isnt anything that i can think of that i dont like.

4. On you 101 things tag you wrote 'write a letter to open in 10 years time' why did you decide to do that?
I just love the idea of reading the letter in 10 years time and seeing how different my life is and seeing if i follow any of the advice i put in there or whether i did any of the things i want to do. 10 Years is such a long time so it'll be so interesting reading a letter from myself in the past.

5. What are your favourite genre of books to read? Do you have a favourite book?
I'm open to reading most genres but my all time favourite is like love stories - im such a girl haha! I have a lot of favourite but id probably say its The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky - i first read it about 5/6 years ago and i just thought it was incredible and i still love it, but i hate how since the film was released everybodies jumped on the bandwagon and overuses the quotes from it.
6. What is your favourite way to relax?
Watching tv shows (i watch way too many) - I can literally spend hours just watching series after series, it's mostly American shows too, also reading, blogging, reading blogs i find all of them relaxing.

7. Best sandwich filling?
Im kind of boring when it comes to sandwiches as im quite fussy but i don't think you can beat a nice ham salad sandwich without tomatoes though, as they are the devil.

8. What is something you really want to achieve in the next 5 years?
I want to live - which sounds weird but im about to finish uni and be done with education and unfortunately ive lost interest in the course i choose so im back at square one and im not really sure what im doing next or where im headed but because ive been in education for so long i feel like ive not really done much, ive not really lived so thats what i wanna do. I want to have fun, enjoy myself and have lots of new and exciting experiences and hopefully figure out what im going to do career wise along the way! - does that sound cheesy?

9. What has been your biggest achievement in life so far?
I don't really have anything exciting for this other than my education which makes me sad.

10. Superman or spider man?
Err, Spiderman i guess?

11. What was your favourite childhood show?  
Art Attack, Zap!, Rugrats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch - best tv shows ever!! They don't make shows like these anymore, the shows kids have nowadays are awful!

Your Question:
If your house was on fire, what is the one thing you'd want to take with you?

Hope you like it :)
Natalie xx
So The twist here was everyone one I interview gets to give me a question! I really loved this question and providing my boyfriend and step-son were ok, the thing I would take with me if my house was on fire, is poorly ted. He is my teddy I have had since the day I was born, he was in the incubator with me for months because I was a premature baby, be went to uni with me, hes been there everytime Ive been ill (which is why hes called poorly ted!) hes been through more nose bleeds and sickness I care to think about! He will be passed onto my children if I have any. Hes the most precious belonging I own! 

I really like Natalie's answers especially about the fact she wants to live now uni is over, I know the feeling I left during my third year at uni, as it wasn't for me but felt pressure to be there, best decision I ever made. I hope you find some fun and excitement soon :) 
p.s tomatoes the devil - they are horrible

Loads of Love

x x

Dont forget to check out Natalies blog - http://youralmostalice.blogspot.co.uk/