Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Benefit Fine One One - Review

Cream blushers are a new thing to me. I tried an mua one and didnt find it to give a good colour pay off. I had seen Benefit Fine One One all over blogger world, but wasnt too sure about it. It wasnt until a few weeks ago I got a benefit make over and purchased Benefit Fake Up, that I purchased this as well.

 Fine One One is a three coloured cheek and lip cream colour stick. But firstly can I say how gorgeous is that rose gold packaging?! I love it so much. It looks really classy on my desk!
 Onto the product itself. Fine One One has three colours, a pink champagne highlighter colour, a pinkish watermelon and a lovely coral shade for the actual cheek colouring. You can either use them all together or try to pick out the exact colour you want. For me Im all about wearing them together and just picking out the coral colour on my lips.
 The way to use this is to make sure the highlighter colour is always at the top. Place Fine One One on your cheeks then sweep upwards towards your temple. You will look like you have painted girly war paint on your face but then you blend it in circular motions and you get the most glowy, healthy looking flush to your cheeks. You can intensify the colour by going over it again, but one sweep is definitely enough for that 'Hey, look at me, with my face all healthy and glowy' look.
 So here it is without blending you can see that highlighter colour isnt too obvious so you dont have to worry about getting a really shiney face from this.
And here it is all blended in. You can see its hardly detectable I had to go over this a few times to get it to show up. But its a really nice subtle sheen and colour combination. I cant get enough of this. Its so quick and easy to use.

I can not live without this product now, the fact that I can just use the highlighter if I want to use a different blush, or use the coral on my lips, makes this even better. Its multi-purpose looks great and works incredibly well!! What more could you want from a blush!!

Whats your favorite blusher?

Lots of Love

x x