Thursday, 4 April 2013

Barratts Hi-Tops*

I had been after a pair of casual hi-tops for ages. My converse were all but dead, the sole was pretty much hanging off the actual shoe and I knew it was time for something new. while a new pair of converse is on my list of shoes to buy, I knew I wanted something a little different. This beautiful pair came my way from barratts.

The best thing about these is the lining, I knew I had to have them straight away I fell in love. Its a fluffy almost mock-sheep skin. Its so soft fluffy comfy warm. Its just amazing! I have to say that these are so comfy to wear they didnt take any breaking in, and there was non of that uncomfortable new shoe feeling. It feels a bit like walking of a fluffy carpet all the time with the fluffy insides but its nice and comfy and I still enjoy wearing them after a long day at work.
 The buckle detailing to the shoes is great too. Theres also a couple of sneakily hidden buttons that allow you to wear these hi-tops in a few different ways. Which means you can style them to suit your outfit. But I will show you more about that in a bit. The sole on these is quite chunky almost like a pair of trainers. So I feel they are going to last me a long time. Especially with all the walking I do to and from work everyday.
 No onto that nifty button. Ive completely undone it here and as you can see when worn 'up' they look like your classic hi-tops. I would wear them like this with a fun print dress and leggings or a fun skirt. Just for a bit of a funkier edge to my outfit. of course this would also look great over a pair of skinny blue jeans.
The next way you can wear them is what I call the 'half way' or just buttoned up! It gives you that classic high top look but with the flash of comfy fluffy lining I love so much! This then allows them to be worn with darker clothes like you black skinny jeans and a printed top. and the shoes dont get lost with the black jeans. I also like how this makes a cool monochrome effect!! I think this has to be my favorite way to wear them.

 The last way to wear them Im calling the 'low down' I completely folded down the shoe so theres almost nothing showing apart from the fluffy insides. Its a rather cute and easy way to show them off.
Barratts have a huge array of hi-tops at the moment theres a few other pairs Im looking at including the ones with the american flag on!

You can purchase barratts hi-tops here -

Have a look and tell me which ones you like!

Lots of Love

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*supplied to me by Barratts