Wednesday, 24 April 2013

30 ways to save £1 (maybe more)

I have loved love loved reading all of these posts especially as I am a shopaholic *raises hands, admits problem, everyone returns to normal behaviour* I have to say, after struggling for many years with money (having to move back home, co-live with many people) now Ive moved out again with my partner I have some money saving techniques we use now.

Also its the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin!! Moneysupermarket are celevrating this, check out more here! I seriously thought the pound coin was older then that, my dad still had a £1 note somewhere along with half a penny!! Did you also know the first £2 coin was made in 1986, and does anyone remember the £5 coin? That coin was heavy!!!

But onto money saving tips!!

1. The poundstore can be your best friend, its amazing how much cheaper some items are in poundstores, all the usual hairspray, shampoos, showergels cereals, packets of crisps, that I would usually got to the supermarket for are all £1 rather then the £1.50+ I pay in the supermarket. It really adds up if you split your shopping rather then doing it all in one place.

2. Buy what you need. For this I mean either write a shopping list, or if theres only two of you, buy loose fruit and veg rather then a big bag full that will go off and go to waste.

3. Shop around for deals, look online for what offers are on.

4. Take advantage of offers, if its a good offer then go for it, I got boxes of toothpaste for £2 in january, in the box was two toothpastes so I got two boxes and still have loads of toothpaste now. Its something I wont have to worry about spending money on for a while. But dont be suckered in by them! I saw an offer that was Icedgems (who else loves these?) 2 bags gor £2.50 but the individual price of a bag was £1. Somtimes they stick an offer sticker on hoping we will go crazy for it!

5. Keep all your pennies, they really do add up to pounds, and take them to banks to change them. Not those machines that count it all and charge you for it.

6. Try to get samples of beauty products, especially before you splash the cash on something thats expensive, then regret it when you dont like it.

7. Read reveiws, online reveiws are really helpful when buying childrens toys, or electrical items, theres nothing worse then buying something and it breaks or doesnt work the way you want. Check what other normal people are saying first, not just what the company says!!

8. Have a money jar, this is the same as keeping the pennies, but I have one for pennies that I change every week, and then another for spare change, which I change when its full, I even put the money from changing my pennies in there. It all adds up faster then you would think!

9. Dont be a food snob! For ages my mother taught me that fresh is best, and while she may be right dont feel bad if you would rather get that huge bag of £1 mixed veg, then one bag of fresh carrots! The frozen veg will last longer, give you more servings, and is always there when you realise your fresh carrots have probably gone off (something that happens to me alot)

10. Make a shopping diary. Write down everything you spend our money on, including that 30p on a packet of polo's because you thought you had bad breath, or that £2 on chocolate just because. You would be surprised how much you spend on things you dont need. Then cut them out!

11. WALK its free! and do you really need to catch the bus to work when its only a 30 minute walk?

12. Exercise at home rather then a gym. If you go through exercising fad's like me ditch the gym membership, that money often goes to waste because you just give up going *it's too hard, I dont want everyone to watch me stuggling while everyone else seems to find exercise a breeze* go for a run with a friend, do some squats at home, get a dance dvd, it can all be really fun and really cheap!

13. Do you always cook too much food? Made too much Pasta? Curry? Chilli? freeze or chill it! you can always re-heat it in the microwave and then you have made you meal go one bit further then it normally would! I know so many people that throw away the spare bit of food. But I always keep mine and it helps when theres only one of you at home and you dont feel like cooking, get your leftover and whack it in the microwave for a quick easy meal!

14. Make your own happy meals! When I was a little girl, for a while, my parents didnt have alot of money (I think thats why my mom is so big on buying fresh and organic now, she has the money to spend) but when it was only one of my parents working its difficult, and we always wanted to go to McDonalds, it was a magical place and you got toys!! My mom made her own 'Happy Meals'. She got a bag of little toys for a pound, and would cook us burgers and fries, give us one of the toys and rip us out a colouring page from our colouring books, being little kids we never noticed and these meal times were always fun, which is what McDonalds is about really!

15. Shop in charity shops. Its amzing how much money you can save I got a brand new pair of River Island jeans a few months back for £2.95 they still had the store tags on!

16. Look in marked and damaged sections in clothing shops. I used to work in a retail store that would often sell multi-packs of tops, socks, underwear, and things like that, the amount of money that would be knocked off for it missing one item was crazy Like a pack of 5 underwear missing one would be reduced from £5 to £3.50 even better still there would be times when we would find that odd one set and then just sell it for 10p. Theres some great bargains to be had, even with marked clothes, more then not you can get out that stain yourself! And always haggle with a stained item, usually they are non returnable so dont settle on that little 10% that its been reduced by. Make it sound like its going to be a real effort to get out that stain and ask for an extra 10% dont feel cheeky most places will probably say yes, because they want to get rid of it!

17. Use voucher websites. There are so many of these about, and especially if you are thinking of doing something anyway. Want a spa day but worried about the cost? Wait for a day an online voucher arrives!

18. Use money back sites. Now there are even websites that give you money back for being directed by their website. So if you were going to purchase a big item anyway like a phone, or a tv, see if you can get cashback from places like

19. Think do I need it? I know its such an old fashioned and boring tip, but really do you need that pair of tights, you know you already have 20 at home right?

20. Ever get loads of junk mail? Open it up and its all *your entitled to £££ just fill in the form and send it back in our pre-paid envelope* NEVER EVER EVER send them the form, but keep that pre paid envelope! Ive just stuck a plain white sticker over their address and write on the one that I want! No worries about buying a stamp then!

21. Always use that exspensive showergel? Ever tried the own branded supermarket stuff that cheaper and smells exactly the same? Try it, I dare you, Im sure you will still smell apple sweet but you also have an extra £1 in your pocket! Same for toothpaste, and toothbrushes, and razors, and shaving foam, and well, and pretty much everything!!

22. Dont be a sale shopping fool. I never go sale shopping unless I need something now. That £5 gold mini skirt you just picked up thats a complete bargain reduced from £50, you can't ignore a bargain like that right? Well like my good old mommy said 'It's not a bargain unless you will use it' That gold skirt is never going to see the light of day, you just want it to say ' Oh I picked up such a bargain in the sales'  Instead go for something you need.That new coat because yours doesnt have buttons anymore (yes thats me) pick one up in the sales, and maybe with a zip this time, not only will you save money on something you actually need, you can brag about it too!

23. Sell on Ebay, got bits and bobs lying around your never going to use? That fondue set you were given as a house warming gift, and will never ever use? That disgusting vase that you wish would break during the cleaning but never does? Try selling them on ebay instead, you might even get more then expected from them.

24. Rent a DVD. Pretty easy here, missed a film at the cinema and now its out on dvd and everyone is talking about it again. Rent it! Most tv services let you rent films for a few days for as little as £1.99 saves spending £20 on a new dvd if your not sure your even going to like the film.

25. Look for bargain times. Lets use films again for this one, did you know if your on orange you can get 2 tickets for the price on 1 on wednesdays? Or that cineworld do cheaper tickets on a tuesday, and that if you go before 5.30pm on a weekday its cheaper aswell? This can apply to holidays and days out as well!

26. Coupons!! My favorite guilty pleasure tv show is extreme couponing in the us, people use coupons to their advantage and get hundreds of dollars of shopping for under $20 most of the time. It amazes me every single time I watch it, make use of coupons over here too, they may not be as amazing, but 50p off that cheese brand you like? or a free chocolate at the supermarket? or even 2 for 1 on days it all adds up.

27. New baby on the way? Moving house? Whether you are moving house or are a expecting parent to be worried about the cost of EVERYTHING, look at sites like freecycle, or even facebook selling pages, someone might be selling exactly what you need, for next to nothing! Not everyone can afford something new, and dont worry most 2nd hand goods, really are good, like my comfy second hand sofa ^_^

28. Make your own packed lunch. I know so not cool at work, when everyone is swanning about getting ready for lunch time, wallets in hand, but while everyone else is spending money on eating out and starbucks, think of how much money you are saving and what that can be used for!

29. DIY. I am a big believer of doing it yourself, I do my own har and it usually costs no more then £5 a time rather then the £50+ of going to a hair dresser, or when I get bored of my wardrobe rather then buying a whole new one, modify what you have, the amount of cut up jeans, diy shorts, and new funky jumpers Ive made is unreal. All you need is a pair of scissors some creativity and a little bit of time!

30. Use half of the washing powder! The washing powder I buy comes in a box and then has two tablets in sealed packs, like most people I used to pop them in and let them do their thing. But now I use just one tablet. My washing powder lasts twice as long, I still have lavender fresh clothes and I NEVER have that annoying stain where the two tablets just havnt dissolved that well! Also while we are talking about washing machines, do a 30 degree wash instead of 40, and try the short spin instead of the regular spin. Your energy bill will thank you for it!

So there are my 30 tips! Why not do your own, and send me a link in the comments. I love finding new ways to save money!