Monday, 18 March 2013

YAY Magazines :)

Erm.....It's research.....

Well thats what I told Pawl when I came home with 4 magazines, a bag of giant buttons, and a simple plan of spending the rest of my day in my PJ's reading and eating chocolate. Because I have a 12hour day at work tomorrow, a girl needs to read her girly bibles!! But being on a budget I always feel guilty buying things, but since Ive began indulging in magazines Ive found I have a bit of inspiration for my blog, notice the new ootd posts? All because Ive fallen in love with clothing thanks to these beauties. And if I read them and feel inspired then it really is research!! 

 I got Elle, Cosmo and Company all in one handy pack for £5.99 and Glamour came with a freebie of Percy and Reed Hair item, I think theres 3 to pick from.
 I ended up going for the volumising no oil, oil. It is a product that my hair is crying out for, it goes greasy quickly so I dont want to put more oil on top of it but I want to style it and make it big and fluffy and super volumously sexy without drying it out!!
So yeah lets see how I get on with it!! But for now Im going back to reading my magazines and my day off on wednesday will be dedicated to photos, video making, and scheduling posts for you all.

Lots of Love

x x

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