Monday, 11 March 2013

Share The Love - Blogs I Love

Well hello my lovelies,

Its been a while since I shared with you all the blog Im loving so I figured a new post was in order! So if you want to see the blogs Im reading (stalking) on a regular basis just keep reading...

A Daisy Chain Dream -
Argh I just love Lauras style, I think im becoming far too obsessed with her blog, I read it everyday and always check to see if shes posted anything new and Ive missed it on my blogger feed!! She has a brilliant sense of style, has an amazing shoe collection (seriously I want that girls shoes) and is just such a nice and genuine person. Im so happy to have found her blog its truely a joy to read!!

FreshBeautyxox -
Shona is alot younger then me but I still relate to and love her blog! Its nice to see such a young person enjoying blogging and embracing her passions!! I wish I did this at her age! She has a lovely fresh personality and is the perfect example of why young girls dont need ALOT of makeup, she creates great looks and even I fin myself copying them!! She is so inspiring and is recording her battle with Scoliosis lately, its been really informative and I wish her every luck with her operations and hope she finds solutions to the troublesome situations shes in now.

Laura Blogs Beauty -
Another Laura here!! I remember first finding Laura on youtube, Im fairly certain it was an elf haul and she was using her turtle lights for her video lighting!! Since first finding that video I followed her blog and I love it!! She getting married soon and I can not wait to see the updates! I love reading her blog posts about whatever nail polish she is rocking because Im not good at nail art but really lack any great nail polish colours and I always see something I like on her blog!!

Sugarpuffish -
Sarahs blog is brilliant for anyone who has ANY kind of skin problem, whether thats just dry skin, to full blown eczema like me. Her blog is full of tips, tricks, things to avoid, organic skin care good, seriously its just a blog full of useful information! Shes also just branched out to youtube and Im enjoying her videos as much as her blog.

The Camera's Lying -
I love Amys style, her makeup style, and her unique writing style. Again this was someone I found on youtube and loved, so followed her blog aswell, and I am NOT dissappointed that I did. I really enjoy her outfit posts, especially when its something so unexpected like a disney princess style dress!!

So there you have it, the girls Im stalking on blogger and not afraid to admit it!! I love reading every single one of these blogs, and I hope if you check them out you love them too.

Lots of Love

x x