Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Revlon Colourstay Foundation - Review

I got this a few weeks back on a special offer, I believe it was buy one get one half price on all revlon products. This one was of the many products I had been looking at for ages so, with an offer like this, I took the plunge and picked up a bottle!

 I got mine in the shade Ivory. This is a nice light foundation with pink undertones. The match for my skin is pretty spot on. You can really notice the pinker tones in this when I compare it to the healthy mix serum Ive loved for so long! I love the glass bottle container too. It feels strong and sturdy and I dont know if its just me but glass bottles always feel a bit more classy and special then plastic ones.
 The BIG drawback to this packaging is theres no dispenser! Which means I always pour out too much on my hand and feel like Im wasting so much :(
As Ive said the colour is perfect for me, its pale, slightly pinky, and looks great on the skin. However I have noticed that this settles in my dry areas, Im not usre if thats just the formula or if its because of the one I picked. On closer inspection this bottle does say for combination/oily skin, so Im not sure if theres a dry skin version, or if this is the reason it sticks to my dry patches. However if I do apply some moisturiser its not too bad. This lasts nowhere near 24 hours on me, but if im tackling a long 10+ hour day at work, this is always slapped on my face. It stays well and begins to fade at around 8hrs on me, but still lasts those few extra hours.

I think this is a great foundation I just wish it didnt cling to any unwelcome dry patches I have!!

What long lasting foundation do you use?

Lots of Love
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