Friday, 29 March 2013

My 200th Post - Thankyou

I must say I never thought I would get to this point!
I never really stick to things long enough but I realised what a passion I had for writing my blog and how much I love the community Im glad I made it to this 200th post!

So for my 200th post I figured I would have a little reflection on my blogging journey and how every single one of you made the experience so much better then I could ever have imagined.

When I started my blog back in August 2011, really guys, Ive been at this longer then I thought!! All I did was make a post about an elf order I made. I found out about elf from watching beauty videos on youtube, decided to buy some and saw all these amazing hauls people were filming or posting online. I wanted to share mine too, and there it began. You can read that post here. I then posted it to the elf facebook page and I got my first follower! Kelly, the wonderful amazing fairykelly I watch on youtube! Heres her blog link. I wasnt such a frequent blogger back then, I posted the odd stuff here and there, and shared all my hair changes, from blonde, to purple to everything else Ive ever had (purple still remains my favorite)

Ah how I miss that hair!! This particular picture was a step by step guide I did for a friend of mine. All through uni we discovered a love of makeup together and always discussed about being on youtube and being like pixiwoo!! She always asks me for ideas with makeup and since we had a lot of the same things I made a step by step picture of black and gold eyeshadow for her!! She followed it and loved it but I couldnt help but think how much better it would have been on video! I carried on blogging a bit more but then I finally took the plunge and made my first video in October of that year. Since then Ive really got into the blogging spirit after I found the #bbloggers community on twitter.

I had still been a bit sparse with blogging up until some point of last year. I dont think I connected as much with other people. I think because in my real life I was so shy, after so many ears of bullying at school throught to some pretty bad experiences at uni I found it hard to connect to people, online or not. For me my blog was still all about my little diary and what I was liking and looking back at my personal growth, I still didnt see it as an interactive thing. The day I found #bbloggers that changed forever, I found a whole new lot of bloggers to follow, from the super successful, to the new starters like me! Considering I had been blogging for a year by then and still no one knew, I was happy to share idea and thoughts with other people and join in on conversations and I felt so much more enthusiasm about my hobby.

Out for my best friends graduation

Now my family kind of know about my blog, my friends watch it to keep up with me as we live far apart, my boyfriend helps me out, hes still not the best photographer but I love him for it!! He encourages to write and make me love life in a way I never thought possible. I love and appreciate all their support but I know deep down, my blogging enthusiasm come from all of you guys, all 160 of you that follow me here, and every single one of you that comment and talk to me. The great friends Ive made (especially claire and angela) to the lovely people I follow and read their blogs with enthusiasm and awe on a daily basis (like laura, shona, kelly and so many more) without all of you, blogging would just not be what it is without you all.  It has given me the confidence to do whatever I want to do whether that be, blogging, youtubing, smashing an interview for a new job because I have inner confidence now. Its all down to this little corner of the internet I call my home!

Through this little hobby I found myself, Im confident now, Im happy, I know there are some really great, inspiring people in the world and most of all I belong to a very special community. Its funny that it took writing alone in my bedroom and filming my awkward self, to realise I was so much better then I ever thought I was.

Me and Pawl

So on my 200th post I would like to say from the bottom of my heart, thankyou, all of you, you have made my online and real life so much better. When I sign off saying lots of love, I really mean it guys, so.....

Lots of Love

x x