Monday, 4 March 2013

Mothers Day Gift Ideas.

For mothers day I was torn about what to get my mom. Me and my sister usually go half and half on the cost of something if we are going to get a watch or something. My sister already got my mom a little purse. So I figured the next thing my mom loves are Yankee Candles. We have ALOT of them, from the baby powder (the first ever Yankee Candle we smelt) to the new candy corn halloween ones. The great thing about these candles are they smell so true to life, and not at all like they are artificial. You know like when you smell some candles and its like 'yeah this smells of apples' but in the back of your head you know its just chemicals. These are nothing like that at all. Ever one Ive smelt is amazing. If you ever need to test this theory and you find some Yankee Candles smell the baby powder. It is exactly like baby powder transformed into a candle! This is how I feel about the coconut scent I picked up, its not a chemical representation of coconuts, but a true smell of coconuts in a glass jar!!

I picked this on up in clintons, its not my favorite place to get them from, I like to buy my Yankee Candles on QVC just because they have so many scents available and are often a little cheaper for the bigger jars.
These will last for hours and hours and hours! I have some that are a year old and they still smell good. These also fill the room with the scent so fast. So if you mom is a lover of good smells like mine, a Yankee Candle is the way to go!

Have you tried Yankee Candles? Whats your favorite one?

Lots of Love
x x