Sunday, 10 March 2013

Miss Sporty Dr Balm Review

So today Im sharing my thoughts on the Miss Sporty Dr Balm. They are kind of like a cheaper version of maybelline baby lips that are available in the UK now. These balms have royal jelly in them and a very subtle hint of colour. I got this in the bright pink shade. Just because I thought it would give the most colour pay off.

 These balms are really moisturising on the lips, and I like the lipstick style balms much better then one in a pot or squeezy tube. I just think its so easy to slap on. The packaging is nothing special and it looks cheap but at around £2 they are cheap!! This is the shade glam, but I really want gossip the red shade!!
 As you can see the colour pay off is minimal but its nice enough to make me feel fully made up at work! I always leave my lips because I usually wear bright lipsticks, but I don't feel its right for work. So generally I go with nothing on. These keep my lips feeling nice, make me feel all done up like I actually have a full face of makeup and the bright pink shade in the tube fools me into thinking Im wearing something a little more daring!!
Overall I love these and I will repurchase them when needed!! I cant wait to find the red shade!

Have you tried the Miss Sporty Dr Balm Lip Balm?

Lots of Love

x x