Friday, 8 March 2013

Making Bracelets.

For ages Ive been making bracelets in my spare time, and just giving them to people I know. I just thought I would show you what I have been making lately!

 So Ive been trying out links now, and I really like my new clasps the I got!!

 Ive made these shamballa style ones for ages! They are so simple and easy when you know how to do it! My first one took around 4 hours now I can knock one out in around 30mins!!

This plaited bead one, too me forever, and Im still not sure Ive mastered it, but they do look pretty!!

I also really miss my cat, he was the best helper ever when making bracelets, who wouldnt want a cat that tries to eat what ever you make!! I do miss him now Ive moved out!!

I hope you like them all.

Lots of Love

x x