Thursday, 21 March 2013

Makeup Storage

My makeup storage has changed ALOT now Ive moved into my own flat, I have one corner of mine and Pawls living room dedicated to it all! I also have run over the window because thats where I get all my lighting to film, because as you can tell my corner is pretty dark!!
 I have this desk from ikea its the Micke desk, it is an office desk so in the far corner theres a circle cut out to put all your wires through but the best thing about this is its big draw that I keep things in.
 Above my desk is a picture that my sister painted we have another one by her of a koi karp and in my older videos if you ever saw my beauty and the beast picture, yeah that was drawn by her too!
 So the top of my desk it pretty full but I know where everything is and its all easy to get to! On the Right hand side are a few boxes (which have my jewellery, and lipsticks in) a cup which holds all my eyeliners (theres alot) and my hair brushes and nail polishes also live over this side of my desk.
 And on the left theres my lamp, a letter holder which keeps all my pallets in, more nail polish, tubs with hair clips on and my brushes. Plus a few random bits.
 The inside of my draw is split into three parts. Using a series of trays I got from wilko's recently.
 The main section is face stuff, I have all my foundations and concealers towards the front with blushers, bronzers, highlighters and powders towards to back of the draw. Next is my eye products.

This one is a bit all over the place but theres single shadows, cream shadows and then all my mascaras.

Finally I have all my odd stuff theres creams, hair stuff, lip scrubs, and even DIY 'ZPallets' which are also filled with eyeshadows and blushes that I made last year some time.

Its not the most organised but its much better then when I had everything in boxes and didnt know where anything was. So there we go my makeup storage. I will be putting a makeup collection video up soon on youtube. But if you notice anything in there from the pictures you would like a review on, dont hesitate to ask!!

Lots of Love
x x

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