Friday, 29 March 2013

Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt

Its amazing how often I wear my clothes, especially tops, I tend to rotate between 3 or 4. Does anyone else do this? I suppose because my tops are always so comfy I just love wearing them too much!!

 Tadaaaa boring grey top and bad photo skills, but this was really all about the shorts!!
 I love the pockets on these as they are slightly longer then the shorts and are a cute flower and polka-dot pattern!!
 I put on my pin up necklace just to switch it all up a bit! I love this and its so quirky!!

 Topped the whole outfit off with some of my handmade bracelets. Oh and when I ventured outside it as all about my new fluffy lined hi-tops (c/o barratts) super comfy and super warm in this col weather!!

So todays outfit was super casual, I was going to visit my nan in hospital because shes sick, however when I got there my little beginnings of a cold, suddenly became full blown and me and the nurses decided I should leave rather then make everyone ill on the ward. I would hate to make anyone feel worse then they already do, so I got them to pass on a message that I loved her and I would see her soon.

To cheer my self up I went up town, to see if I could find something to give to my nan when shes out of hospital (another yankee candle gift, it never fails!!) and I ended up at the benefit counter and spend a fair bit!!I also got some tops to customise a bit more, so expect some tutorials on that!!

Also bad news, anyone thats switched to hello cotton to keep on reading peoples blogs, its shutting down :( Its the worst thing ever because I love that site for finding new blogs to read. So to keep up to date with my blog if gfc does disappear follow me on bloglovin'.

Lots of Love
x x