Saturday, 16 March 2013

Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt OOTD #2

Here we go another celebration of the fact Im not in a blue polyester shirt! Yaaaay!! I have to admit Im loving the idea of starting these! Ive found Im dressing up and feel so much more confident in myself!!

 This little gem of a jacket is from Asda, it looks very biker chick but is not a leather jacket its a great fabric that keeps me warm and I think looks really nice!
 This one is all about the kitty top! This was from peacocks many years ago (I mean its a size 6 Im at least two sizes bigger then that on a good day now!!)
 But Ive customised it at cut it up and it kind of fits now! Im so happy because Ive always loved the cat on this top! I decided that I wanted to customise a few of my tops especially by cutting the neck lines out because I dont like things with a high neck line. The deep cut out sides were an experiment! I think it went ok, and the little bandaeu was from asos.
 I just wore a plain fair of jeggins just to keep it really casual and when I did venture outside that day I wore my DM's
 Lots of Love
x x