Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt OOTD

So simple today, Im not going anywhere and being comfy was top of my list of things to do today!!
So roll on the most casual and propably what is my most worn outfit! The jeans and vest combo!!
I Jazzed it up a little but with some accessories! The first is my butler and wilson necklace!! I love this little chick!!
 It didnt matter how many times I tried to take a picture with the jeans in a little bit it came out dark! I need some good lighting in my flat!!
 Next I piled on the bracelts two of these I made, the flower clast one and the little dolphin.
I copied my makeup straight out the pages of company mag! If you have this months copy (with Emma Stone on the front) Then its a look called Pink Lemonade. Oh and did I tell you all I got bored and dyed my hair again?

Lots of Love
x x

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