Monday, 18 March 2013

Hello There Friends

I dont know how many of you will know (probably most of you will) but there are so many rumours about GFC going around July (when google reader also disappears). I want you all the be able to keep in touch with my blog easily!
On the sidebar I recently put in my social network buttons so you can find me easily on youtube, facebook, twitter and tumblr. But Ive recently added she said beauty, blogger, bloglovin, and even my hello cotton buttons.

I have to admit hello cotton is my favourite platform for meeting and finding new bloggers and if you havn't joined yet, you really should its easy to navigate and is split into sections like beauty, food, fashion, lifestyle all sorts of things. Its really great.

I know alot of people are on about bloglovin' too, Ive claimed my blog on there and do use it, its good for telling me what Ive read and what I havnt but Im not an avid user of bloglovin'

So if you like to read my blog, please please just click on one of those other sites to keep up to date. Just if GFC does go. I mean it is the easiest way to follow a blog, but fingers crossed Im making it easier to follow me in other places too.

So dont forget to check out my social media buttons they are just on the top right hand side.

Lots of Love

x x