Sunday, 31 March 2013


Well I was going to do an outfit post today but Im not wearing anything special just my pjs!! Its a lazy Easter Sunday who can blame me?! But I did make up my face because I wanted to play with some new stuff Ive got!!

While out shopping the other day I found myself at the benefit counter being totally made over by the lady on there! I was innocently asking about the fake up concealer and like a good makeup counter girl she pounced on me and well, fake up and fine one one later, I found myself purchasing it all. I did stop there because well Im not made of money, even when she tried really hard to sell me this highlighter stick things she slapped on my face but forgot to blend!! It was actually a really nice 15/20 minutes where I got to feel pampered an girly, spend far too much money but feel good. Just what I needed really after a week of 11 hour shifts. 

 Ive done my face using these bits and pieces (the Rimmel lash accelerator mascara I was wearing when I was shopping, the benefit makeover lady totally thought I had on they're real!! I love when cheaper products do the same as higher end stuff)
I went for a really light coverage of everything, as much as I loved my benefit make over, I cant help but feel I looked like I was wearing a lot of makeup and sometimes I just want that naturally flush look. Not like I have a tonne of product on!!

Theres a light champagne colour from nyc on my lids and I used the coral colour in fine one one on my lips and added a bit of Revlon lip butter over the top. Nothing too crazy or over the top here, just simple and easy to do makeup!! Plus a little added purple in my hair, I couldn't resist after flipping through old photos!!

Lots of Love
x x