Monday, 11 March 2013

Dove Compressed Deodorants - Review

Its a fairly odd topic but we all use deodorant and these are the latest ones Ive picked up. The Dove Compressed Deodorants.
I saw the adverts and figured why not try these compressed deodorants. I figured smaller packaging will fit well in my small bags, and less packaging must mean smaller price tag? I was right on that one these were 2 for £3. However individual price wasnt that much cheaper then a normal spray can. The adverts also claim they last the same amount of time.

Im not 100% sure on this claim!! I used a roll on for ages so it might just be that I over estimated how long a spray can should last but after a week of use I didnt really expect to be half way through a can!! However I do really like these sprays, while the invisible dry version really is invisible it doesnt leave a white stain on my clothes its the go fresh pomegranate one Im loving. It smells so fresh and pleasant and doesnt sting my under arms even after shaving. I feel dry all day. I have also always suffered with little niggly bumps under my arms but they are getting smaller with the use of this. I think maybe because dove put moisturising properties in their products. Who knows!! But while I wish these would last longer I think I will be picking these up again. I might even try the different options I know they do some cucumber scent in the go fresh range, so that might be next on my list!!

Any magic deodorants I should be using?

Lots of Love
x x