Sunday, 31 March 2013

Benefit Fake Up - Review

I have very tired, dry eyes. When I apply my makeup lately even when I think I dont have any dry skin around my eyes, its suddenly there. I hate it so much because nothing ruins a face of makeup faster then dry skin patches. However meet what has become my new best friend!!

Benefit claims this is a ultra-hydrating non-creasing concealer that hydrates as it covers. Sounds like some kind of wonder product, that my skin has been screaming out for!! I went to try this out after seeing so many reviews on it, I figured if it really was as good as people were saying it has got to be worth its £18.50.

I went to a benefit stand and was hooked straight away. Its is so good. There are so many brilliant things about this concealer.
 I love the packaging to this. Im a totally benefit packaging lover, I even keep the cardboard boxes for the stuff because all of it is so cute, and looks beautiful! This one is no exception, the sleek silver tube with the pink filgree pattern....oh it looks so good standing on my desk!!
 I think for the first time Ive been a good blogger and took pictures before Ive used it!! I cant tell you how much restraint this took, I couldnt wait to rip it open and use it!! This concealer has a ring of hydrating moisturisers with apple seed extract and vitamin E, it instantly moisturises skin. The concealer claims to hyrdrate for up to 6 hours, cover dark circles, and difuse fine lines. In my opinion it does all of that it just brightens up around the eye area and really distracts from areas I dont want people focusing on.

 Its super creamy on. I thought this might look over dewy or shiney but it evens out pretty good considering that such a big part of this concealer is all about the moisture it gives the skin.
As you can tell Ive blended half of the concealer out and its undetectable, infact if I didnt leave that little bit there you would probably think its my bare hand!!

The best way to apply this is directly from the tube just apply in a 'v' shape under your eye then dab and blend with your finger. It gives such a flawless and undetectable finish. Im in love with it already. It comes in three shade ranges, and no matter what your skin tone I think it should work. Ive gone for pale, but I have a medium in one of their foundations and it works well for me too. If you are worried at all about the colour go to a counter and ask to try it out!

I can say that the £18.50 I paid for this has been justified. It is a little wonder product and exactly what my makeup bag needed. And my under eye area!

Whats your favorite concealer?

Lots of Love
x x