Sunday, 31 March 2013

Benefit Fake Up - Review

I have very tired, dry eyes. When I apply my makeup lately even when I think I dont have any dry skin around my eyes, its suddenly there. I hate it so much because nothing ruins a face of makeup faster then dry skin patches. However meet what has become my new best friend!!

Benefit claims this is a ultra-hydrating non-creasing concealer that hydrates as it covers. Sounds like some kind of wonder product, that my skin has been screaming out for!! I went to try this out after seeing so many reviews on it, I figured if it really was as good as people were saying it has got to be worth its £18.50.


Well I was going to do an outfit post today but Im not wearing anything special just my pjs!! Its a lazy Easter Sunday who can blame me?! But I did make up my face because I wanted to play with some new stuff Ive got!!

While out shopping the other day I found myself at the benefit counter being totally made over by the lady on there! I was innocently asking about the fake up concealer and like a good makeup counter girl she pounced on me and well, fake up and fine one one later, I found myself purchasing it all. I did stop there because well Im not made of money, even when she tried really hard to sell me this highlighter stick things she slapped on my face but forgot to blend!! It was actually a really nice 15/20 minutes where I got to feel pampered an girly, spend far too much money but feel good. Just what I needed really after a week of 11 hour shifts. 

Friday, 29 March 2013

My 200th Post - Thankyou

I must say I never thought I would get to this point!
I never really stick to things long enough but I realised what a passion I had for writing my blog and how much I love the community Im glad I made it to this 200th post!

So for my 200th post I figured I would have a little reflection on my blogging journey and how every single one of you made the experience so much better then I could ever have imagined.

Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt

Its amazing how often I wear my clothes, especially tops, I tend to rotate between 3 or 4. Does anyone else do this? I suppose because my tops are always so comfy I just love wearing them too much!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Pamper Time

There are times when I need a pamper, and having a shower its a little difficult sometimes to feel like you get that pampering experience. But tonight I gave it a go!

Here's what I used

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser - I love this cleanser, its creamy nice on my skin and it feels clean afterwards. I know a lot of people say you need to be careful with this if you have sensitive skin, but honestly this works better and is nice on my skin then any hot cloth cleanser Ive tried.

Touch of Silver Twice Weekly Shampoo - I always use a purple shampoo when I have blonde hair it just helps to keep my blonde a nice colour, and this super concentrated version acts as a toner if I use it more then twice a week!!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo - This is pretty self explanatory I'm trying to grow my hair and figured why not give this a go. got to be honest here I don't like it as much as the hair mask/conditioner that comes in a tub.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Intensive Conditioner - For days when your hair is thirsty and needs some love!! An intensive conditioner is a must in every girls hair care, especially if you dye your hair!!

Lush Mint Julips - A lip scrub that smells like mint matchmakers? What more could a chocoholic want!

Soap and Glory Smoothie Body Milk - Now we are onto after the shower! I love this body milk, it absorbs quickly and smells like toffee popcorn....YUM

Simple Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream* - A nice thick night cream that doesn't absorb too fast and leaves my skin soft and silky!

Clinique All About The Eyes Rich - I could never be without this now. When I don't use it my wrinkles are more obvious my eyes are a bit more puffy, this has been a saviour for my eyes and worth every single penny of its price tag.

OH I've just realised my shower gel wasn't in this picture!! I used oilatum, its not a shower gel but its almost like an oily white paraffin wash, I use because of my eczema.

So those are some of my pampering bits and pieces, great for a nice shower time to relax and forget that my boyfriend has ditched me to watch football!!

Are you a shower or a bath kind of person? Me I'm all about the showers!!

Lots of Love
x x

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*PR Sample

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cutting Up My T-Shirts

Well what happens when you take one t-shirt and a pair of scissors? Well that new t-shirt becomes a little funkier!! This was your bog standard t-shirt with a print on. It was quite a high neck on it, which I dont really like so Ive cut the neck off and done something rather special to the back!!

 Ive cut strips into the back and weaved them, I think it looks really cool!! Im so happy with it! I like how its taken it from a normal t-shirt to something really cool.
Im going to get some new cheap little shirts to experiement on and try to customise them in new ways!

Do you customise your shirts? Or keep them how they are?

Lots of Love
x x

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Friday, 22 March 2013


So the other day I got a couple of magazine, OK 4, but the point is they are research!! And I fully prooved this point to Pawl when I recreated one of the looks I saw in Company.

If you have this months edition (with the gorgeous Emma Stone on the front) its a look called pink lemonade. Its all about bright yellow eyes and contrasting pink lips. I could have gone a little bolder on the lips but over all Im very happy with the look!!

I even filmed it all for youtube.

To see how I did it, watch the video here,
Lots of Love 

x x 

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Makeup Storage

My makeup storage has changed ALOT now Ive moved into my own flat, I have one corner of mine and Pawls living room dedicated to it all! I also have run over the window because thats where I get all my lighting to film, because as you can tell my corner is pretty dark!!
 I have this desk from ikea its the Micke desk, it is an office desk so in the far corner theres a circle cut out to put all your wires through but the best thing about this is its big draw that I keep things in.
 Above my desk is a picture that my sister painted we have another one by her of a koi karp and in my older videos if you ever saw my beauty and the beast picture, yeah that was drawn by her too!
 So the top of my desk it pretty full but I know where everything is and its all easy to get to! On the Right hand side are a few boxes (which have my jewellery, and lipsticks in) a cup which holds all my eyeliners (theres alot) and my hair brushes and nail polishes also live over this side of my desk.
 And on the left theres my lamp, a letter holder which keeps all my pallets in, more nail polish, tubs with hair clips on and my brushes. Plus a few random bits.
 The inside of my draw is split into three parts. Using a series of trays I got from wilko's recently.
 The main section is face stuff, I have all my foundations and concealers towards the front with blushers, bronzers, highlighters and powders towards to back of the draw. Next is my eye products.

This one is a bit all over the place but theres single shadows, cream shadows and then all my mascaras.

Finally I have all my odd stuff theres creams, hair stuff, lip scrubs, and even DIY 'ZPallets' which are also filled with eyeshadows and blushes that I made last year some time.

Its not the most organised but its much better then when I had everything in boxes and didnt know where anything was. So there we go my makeup storage. I will be putting a makeup collection video up soon on youtube. But if you notice anything in there from the pictures you would like a review on, dont hesitate to ask!!

Lots of Love
x x

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Revlon Colourstay Foundation - Review

I got this a few weeks back on a special offer, I believe it was buy one get one half price on all revlon products. This one was of the many products I had been looking at for ages so, with an offer like this, I took the plunge and picked up a bottle!

 I got mine in the shade Ivory. This is a nice light foundation with pink undertones. The match for my skin is pretty spot on. You can really notice the pinker tones in this when I compare it to the healthy mix serum Ive loved for so long! I love the glass bottle container too. It feels strong and sturdy and I dont know if its just me but glass bottles always feel a bit more classy and special then plastic ones.
 The BIG drawback to this packaging is theres no dispenser! Which means I always pour out too much on my hand and feel like Im wasting so much :(
As Ive said the colour is perfect for me, its pale, slightly pinky, and looks great on the skin. However I have noticed that this settles in my dry areas, Im not usre if thats just the formula or if its because of the one I picked. On closer inspection this bottle does say for combination/oily skin, so Im not sure if theres a dry skin version, or if this is the reason it sticks to my dry patches. However if I do apply some moisturiser its not too bad. This lasts nowhere near 24 hours on me, but if im tackling a long 10+ hour day at work, this is always slapped on my face. It stays well and begins to fade at around 8hrs on me, but still lasts those few extra hours.

I think this is a great foundation I just wish it didnt cling to any unwelcome dry patches I have!!

What long lasting foundation do you use?

Lots of Love
x x

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Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt OOTD

So simple today, Im not going anywhere and being comfy was top of my list of things to do today!!
So roll on the most casual and propably what is my most worn outfit! The jeans and vest combo!!
I Jazzed it up a little but with some accessories! The first is my butler and wilson necklace!! I love this little chick!!
 It didnt matter how many times I tried to take a picture with the jeans in a little bit it came out dark! I need some good lighting in my flat!!
 Next I piled on the bracelts two of these I made, the flower clast one and the little dolphin.
I copied my makeup straight out the pages of company mag! If you have this months copy (with Emma Stone on the front) Then its a look called Pink Lemonade. Oh and did I tell you all I got bored and dyed my hair again?

Lots of Love
x x

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Monday, 18 March 2013

YAY Magazines :)

Erm.....It's research.....

Well thats what I told Pawl when I came home with 4 magazines, a bag of giant buttons, and a simple plan of spending the rest of my day in my PJ's reading and eating chocolate. Because I have a 12hour day at work tomorrow, a girl needs to read her girly bibles!! But being on a budget I always feel guilty buying things, but since Ive began indulging in magazines Ive found I have a bit of inspiration for my blog, notice the new ootd posts? All because Ive fallen in love with clothing thanks to these beauties. And if I read them and feel inspired then it really is research!! 

 I got Elle, Cosmo and Company all in one handy pack for £5.99 and Glamour came with a freebie of Percy and Reed Hair item, I think theres 3 to pick from.
 I ended up going for the volumising no oil, oil. It is a product that my hair is crying out for, it goes greasy quickly so I dont want to put more oil on top of it but I want to style it and make it big and fluffy and super volumously sexy without drying it out!!
So yeah lets see how I get on with it!! But for now Im going back to reading my magazines and my day off on wednesday will be dedicated to photos, video making, and scheduling posts for you all.

Lots of Love

x x

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Preppy Fashion

A little experiment today with my clothes before I had a late shift at work. I picked up this little Miso Shirt from ebay for 99p and was struggling with how to style it!

I decided to see if I could pull off the preppy chic style!!

 So I have on my little miso top, some high waisted shorts and a cardigan.

I think there was waaaaay too much material to tuck on because its all bunched up!!! Oh well! I quite like this outfit I think it was a success!!

Lots of Love
x x

Hello There Friends

I dont know how many of you will know (probably most of you will) but there are so many rumours about GFC going around July (when google reader also disappears). I want you all the be able to keep in touch with my blog easily!
On the sidebar I recently put in my social network buttons so you can find me easily on youtube, facebook, twitter and tumblr. But Ive recently added she said beauty, blogger, bloglovin, and even my hello cotton buttons.

I have to admit hello cotton is my favourite platform for meeting and finding new bloggers and if you havn't joined yet, you really should its easy to navigate and is split into sections like beauty, food, fashion, lifestyle all sorts of things. Its really great.

I know alot of people are on about bloglovin' too, Ive claimed my blog on there and do use it, its good for telling me what Ive read and what I havnt but Im not an avid user of bloglovin'

So if you like to read my blog, please please just click on one of those other sites to keep up to date. Just if GFC does go. I mean it is the easiest way to follow a blog, but fingers crossed Im making it easier to follow me in other places too.

So dont forget to check out my social media buttons they are just on the top right hand side.

Lots of Love

x x

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Im Not Wearing A Blue Polyester Shirt OOTD #2

Here we go another celebration of the fact Im not in a blue polyester shirt! Yaaaay!! I have to admit Im loving the idea of starting these! Ive found Im dressing up and feel so much more confident in myself!!

 This little gem of a jacket is from Asda, it looks very biker chick but is not a leather jacket its a great fabric that keeps me warm and I think looks really nice!
 This one is all about the kitty top! This was from peacocks many years ago (I mean its a size 6 Im at least two sizes bigger then that on a good day now!!)
 But Ive customised it at cut it up and it kind of fits now! Im so happy because Ive always loved the cat on this top! I decided that I wanted to customise a few of my tops especially by cutting the neck lines out because I dont like things with a high neck line. The deep cut out sides were an experiment! I think it went ok, and the little bandaeu was from asos.
 I just wore a plain fair of jeggins just to keep it really casual and when I did venture outside that day I wore my DM's
 Lots of Love
x x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Dove Compressed Deodorants - Review

Its a fairly odd topic but we all use deodorant and these are the latest ones Ive picked up. The Dove Compressed Deodorants.
I saw the adverts and figured why not try these compressed deodorants. I figured smaller packaging will fit well in my small bags, and less packaging must mean smaller price tag? I was right on that one these were 2 for £3. However individual price wasnt that much cheaper then a normal spray can. The adverts also claim they last the same amount of time.

Im not 100% sure on this claim!! I used a roll on for ages so it might just be that I over estimated how long a spray can should last but after a week of use I didnt really expect to be half way through a can!! However I do really like these sprays, while the invisible dry version really is invisible it doesnt leave a white stain on my clothes its the go fresh pomegranate one Im loving. It smells so fresh and pleasant and doesnt sting my under arms even after shaving. I feel dry all day. I have also always suffered with little niggly bumps under my arms but they are getting smaller with the use of this. I think maybe because dove put moisturising properties in their products. Who knows!! But while I wish these would last longer I think I will be picking these up again. I might even try the different options I know they do some cucumber scent in the go fresh range, so that might be next on my list!!

Any magic deodorants I should be using?

Lots of Love
x x

Share The Love - Blogs I Love

Well hello my lovelies,

Its been a while since I shared with you all the blog Im loving so I figured a new post was in order! So if you want to see the blogs Im reading (stalking) on a regular basis just keep reading...

A Daisy Chain Dream -
Argh I just love Lauras style, I think im becoming far too obsessed with her blog, I read it everyday and always check to see if shes posted anything new and Ive missed it on my blogger feed!! She has a brilliant sense of style, has an amazing shoe collection (seriously I want that girls shoes) and is just such a nice and genuine person. Im so happy to have found her blog its truely a joy to read!!

FreshBeautyxox -
Shona is alot younger then me but I still relate to and love her blog! Its nice to see such a young person enjoying blogging and embracing her passions!! I wish I did this at her age! She has a lovely fresh personality and is the perfect example of why young girls dont need ALOT of makeup, she creates great looks and even I fin myself copying them!! She is so inspiring and is recording her battle with Scoliosis lately, its been really informative and I wish her every luck with her operations and hope she finds solutions to the troublesome situations shes in now.

Laura Blogs Beauty -
Another Laura here!! I remember first finding Laura on youtube, Im fairly certain it was an elf haul and she was using her turtle lights for her video lighting!! Since first finding that video I followed her blog and I love it!! She getting married soon and I can not wait to see the updates! I love reading her blog posts about whatever nail polish she is rocking because Im not good at nail art but really lack any great nail polish colours and I always see something I like on her blog!!

Sugarpuffish -
Sarahs blog is brilliant for anyone who has ANY kind of skin problem, whether thats just dry skin, to full blown eczema like me. Her blog is full of tips, tricks, things to avoid, organic skin care good, seriously its just a blog full of useful information! Shes also just branched out to youtube and Im enjoying her videos as much as her blog.

The Camera's Lying -
I love Amys style, her makeup style, and her unique writing style. Again this was someone I found on youtube and loved, so followed her blog aswell, and I am NOT dissappointed that I did. I really enjoy her outfit posts, especially when its something so unexpected like a disney princess style dress!!

So there you have it, the girls Im stalking on blogger and not afraid to admit it!! I love reading every single one of these blogs, and I hope if you check them out you love them too.

Lots of Love

x x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Whats in My Bag Tag - Lulu Guinness Edition

So after my mom looked for days and days I finally got myself a Lulu Guinness Red Nose Day Bag, I decided to show my little bag in a whats in your bag tag, and if some of you fancy buying one all the proceeds go to a fantastic charity that really make a difference in peoples lives.
Ever year I donate to a charity every month this year has been the Marie Curie Cancer Care nurses I wear my daffodil with pride, but there are always two other charities I buy products for every year they are, The Royal British Legion and their Poppy Appeal and Red Nose Day Products. I always get my sister a shirt and something for myself, when I saw that Lulu Guinness had paired up with sainsburys for Red Nose Day, I just knew what I was getting.

So check out my video, and pop down to a sainsburys near you and pick up a bag to support a great charity.

Lots of Love

x x

Miss Sporty Dr Balm Review

So today Im sharing my thoughts on the Miss Sporty Dr Balm. They are kind of like a cheaper version of maybelline baby lips that are available in the UK now. These balms have royal jelly in them and a very subtle hint of colour. I got this in the bright pink shade. Just because I thought it would give the most colour pay off.

 These balms are really moisturising on the lips, and I like the lipstick style balms much better then one in a pot or squeezy tube. I just think its so easy to slap on. The packaging is nothing special and it looks cheap but at around £2 they are cheap!! This is the shade glam, but I really want gossip the red shade!!
 As you can see the colour pay off is minimal but its nice enough to make me feel fully made up at work! I always leave my lips because I usually wear bright lipsticks, but I don't feel its right for work. So generally I go with nothing on. These keep my lips feeling nice, make me feel all done up like I actually have a full face of makeup and the bright pink shade in the tube fools me into thinking Im wearing something a little more daring!!
Overall I love these and I will repurchase them when needed!! I cant wait to find the red shade!

Have you tried the Miss Sporty Dr Balm Lip Balm?

Lots of Love

x x

Look Im Not In A Blue Polyester Shirt - OOTD

For ages Ive wanted to do outfit of the day posts, Ive done a few, but hated them!! I was never happy with how I looked or my body!! But now Im going to embrace me and show off what Im wearing!! Not in any vain sense but I spend so often at work in a uniform now I just want to shout

 'Look Im not in a blue polyester shirt!!!'

So here it is, my first Im not in a blue polyester shirt - ootd post!!

 These shorts were from a next clearance shop and cost me £1 such a little bargain, they are perfect for spring (even if it is trying to snow right now!)
 The top is from Primark for £5. The little bandeau top is from asos and was £5 it was a great little buy as I put it under so many tops that Ive customised, or anything like this with lace backs.
 The necklace is a little gem as well, from claires and was part of the offer they have on sale items when they dont sell!! It has rabbits and keys, and lockets and watch faces, its so alice in wonderland I love it, even if it is very noisey and jingles alot!!

Hope you all have a nice day!

Lots of Love

x x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Barry M Texture Nail Polish - Review

I gave in and brought the Barry M Textured Polish. Im not 100% sure what I think of this one. One coat isn't enough to give great colour, but does give a nice texture, and two coats gives great colours but I feel it gets a little messy.
The colour is really nice, but Im just not 100% sure about the texture!! I have a few reasons why, number 1, when I apply my foundation with my hands, it got transferred onto the surface of the polish and I had a foundation stripe!! The next thing is you can actually scratch the paint off the texture and it gets a really odd white look to it!!

From far away it doesnt look too bad!! I just dont think the texture trend is one for me!!

Have you tried Barry M Texture Nail Polish?

Lots of Love

x x

Friday, 8 March 2013

Making Bracelets.

For ages Ive been making bracelets in my spare time, and just giving them to people I know. I just thought I would show you what I have been making lately!

 So Ive been trying out links now, and I really like my new clasps the I got!!

 Ive made these shamballa style ones for ages! They are so simple and easy when you know how to do it! My first one took around 4 hours now I can knock one out in around 30mins!!

This plaited bead one, too me forever, and Im still not sure Ive mastered it, but they do look pretty!!

I also really miss my cat, he was the best helper ever when making bracelets, who wouldnt want a cat that tries to eat what ever you make!! I do miss him now Ive moved out!!

I hope you like them all.

Lots of Love

x x