Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tresemme Heat Protect Serum - Review

Ive always liked serums much better then styling sprays. This is the same with heat protectors too. I dont know if I havnt been looking in the right places but I find theres not alot of choice, or they are stupidly expensive. I have ended up picking cheaper liquid sprays and I just dont like them. I discovered this in asda the other day for an impressive £3!! Much much cheaper then it was in boots or superdrugs I think its around the £5 mark there.
I love using this when I blow dry. My hair dryer is about 7 years old I got it with my first ever proper pay!! So when I turned 16 and got a proper job its the first thing I got for myself with my own money! Beauty obsessed even then!! Its survived well and would still be the perfect hairdryer if my dad hadnt got hold of it!! He used it to melt fiber glass and actually melted part of the dryer and now the nosle wont go back on it. So whenever I do my hair it makes it incredibly frizzy!! This helps combat that and I can only imagine with a good hairdryer there would be no frizz! Ive used this when Im curling my hair with my curling wand which goes to scorching hot temperatures and its great. Im left with smooth shiny, glossy hair. The thing I love about this is you can use it on wet or dry hair. With some heat defense products Ive used before its left an almost crispy finish to the ends where I concentrate the product the most. Not with this! This feels like theres nothing in my hair. Im so glad I purchased this especially for the smaller price tag!!

Lots of Love
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