Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Other Side Of Blogging

Ive been away from the blogging world for a week and with good reason. I started to see things that hugely upset and angered my in the blogging world. These range from the trashy guru gossip websites, to off hand comments people dont think about and just say it with no regard to the effect those words can have.

Ive started to get some hate over on my youtube and its knocked me about a bit. Its all fine saying 'oh rise above the haters they dont matter' but I find being personally attacked is a horrible thing. Having someone post on my videos saying Im 'sooooooooooo boring' over and over again is a real knock. I dont understand this personal attack online and if you dont like me the simple option is never look at my things again. If Im so boring to you why are you commenting on everything saying it!! I only need to hear it once I get the message!! Any more then that is just insulting an hurtful and I might be online posting things but Im still a person with feelings at the end of the day! It made me think about whether I wanted to carry on with having an online presence. Do I still want to blog and be on youtube? By doing it I open myself up to all these personal attacks. My boyfriend gave me very good advice when I told him what was worrying me. He said if Im doing what I love as a hobby and I enjoy it, why let others put me off? I didnt stop playing badminton even though Im not the best badminton player in the world, I didnt stop playing when people told me I wasnt good enough for the team! I just played my best enjoyed myself and did find myself on a team one day. Why should I not carry on with my blog.

You know what, he's right too. I shouldnt stop doing something that makes me happy because someone somewhere doesnt feel Im good enough! I feel happy with my blog and where it is, and why should I let people stop me doing what I love. I think alot of new bloggers could also gain from this thinking. In the #bbloggers chat on twitter I see so many people who get upset they dont have alot of followers, and feel they are not up to scratch and as good as other people and their blogs. All I can say is if you look at your blog and get that little sense of pride and happiness still, your blog is the best it can be, I know for me its still true. I still look at my blog and get those feelings, and I know Im happy with my blog. I dont think too much about the page views and the followers (of course its great to have every single one of you read this) I still blog for ME, and thats what its really about. Having my little space on the internet, thats mine, thats where I can post about things I love, and share things with people. All while having a smile on my face.

Lots of Love
x x