Monday, 4 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips - Review

Well who hasnt mentioned something about these in bloggersphere!! I didnt think the Apocalip Lip Lacquers were coming out for ages yet but I think they have been out for a week or so.

 So here we have them, I have to say I love the packaging they look so cool, while currently typing my Pawl has said how they look like rockets!! I just think style wise these are so aestheically pleasing! Only problem is on my pink on (apocolipctic) the silver writing is already coming off from being in my bag!! Other then that I have no complaints style wise!!
 These are classic lipgloss style applicatiors which can be tricky to apply a lip lacquer with. I do struggle slightly so be patient. It takes a while to get used to but you can get some very crisp lines with these. I tend to dab of the excess inside the tube and apply little by little. That way I feel I have a bit more control.
 Because I cant wear strong makeup looks for work I decided to get bold colours for my days off!! Simply because if I got nudes I wouldnt wear them that often. Where as I know these will get worn. I got Apocoliptic (Left -Pink) and Big Bang (Right - Red)
 Apocoliptic - I love this bright pink. It has to be my favorite!! Love Love Love it!! It is easy to work with and has amazing coverage. I found with this one I didnt need a lip liner and the colour just pops instantly. This is a great colour to perk yourself up or take your makeup from day to night!

Big Bang - This is difficult to photograph, it looks almost pink and not as good coverage as the other one. but trust me this looks better in person. Its much closer to the red in the swatch above. Just for some reason it didnt want to play nice in photos. If you want to see what its like just head over to fleurs blog. She has amazing pictures on there of all the colors. This one I found a little harder to work with. It quickly started bleeding around the lips as you can probably tell, but it was easily fixed with some lip liner.

Be warned these do stain and stain well so if you make a mistake you may have to start all over again!! You will probably get some transfer with this too. Well I say probably what I mean is you will. I was eating a subway and some got onto my food (as it does sometimes) and that then touched my skin and I had a pink line on my chin....attractive!!

Good side is these have amazing staying power if you dont disturb it!! Just so you know I put this on at around 7am and had a training day with a bunch of people from work. I didnt have to retouch until I ate that subway at 2pm and that was just a small touch up where it had rubbed off. I could have left it as it wasnt too noticable. But almost all the girls on the course wanted to know what it was and where I got it from. They all loved the colour (I had on apocoliptic) and loved that it was staying on all day!!

For £5.99 these are a complete bargain, I wont be kissing Pawl with these on as they leave lipstick stains all over him, but they are incredibly pigmented, amazingly beautiful colours, and just so nice to look at!! I might even purchase a few more of these!!

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?

Lots of Love
x x