Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Favorite Nude Lips

Since valentines day is just around the corner Im going to be sharing some of my favorite lip products. There will be a few posts on this so you will have my favorite nudes, my favorite pinks, my favorite reds and work friendly lips!!

Today is all about the nudes!! I dont think I can pull off alot of nude lipsticks but these ones can work for me.

 So from left to right we have
Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine - Fresh
Benefit Lip Gloss - Zone Out
Revlon Colourburst Lip Gloss -Gold Dust
Stila Lipstick - Keren
I love the sally hansen gloss as its so moisturising and has barely any colour to it. It just adds luscious gloss to the lips!! Benefit is actually a lovely light nude with gold glittery sheen, its beautiful but can be a little sticky!
The revlon is great with a dramatic smokey eye, and doesnt feel like Im wearing a gloss. Its such a nice consistency. The stila lipstick is a beautiful finish, its like a semi matte product stay put for ages but doesnt dry out your lips! Such a win, win product!!

If you cant splash the cash NYC mouse, is very similar just slightly pinker, but it does have that same semi-matt finish. On my very pink lips you can hardly tell the difference between these two lipsticks!

So theres my favorite nude lip products, what are yours?

Lots of Love
x x