Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Favorite Bloggers

For ages, Ive been trying to spread the love on my blog, I have posts on how to make your own blog buttons really easily, and I will pop your button in my sidebar if you place mine in yours!! I also have a tab at the top of my blog where I put my favorite blogs and youtubers!

But today Im going to link the blogs Ive read the most lately. They will be in no real order but I hope you give them a look if you havnt already because they are all bloody fantastic!

1. A Daisy Chain Dream.
I love Laura's quirky style, her brilliant writing, and her photos! All in all a great fashion blogger that I love ready on a daily basis!! I always look at posts she does about wish lists or things shes lusting after because I always find something new on them that I want!!! Check her out here

2. Gem Seren UK Beauty Blog.
I love Gemmas Blog, its so well laid out, and she covers a great range of products from high end to affordable. I read this all the time especially if Im thinking about buying something thats a bit expensive, I look on her blog to see if shes got a review!

3. Miss Budget Beauty
Im not going to lie it took me the longest time to follow Khilas blog. I liked her on youtube but just never read the blog. Once she moved to wordpress I thought I would give it another go, and I love it so much more now!! It takes forever to load on my laptop but the content is good and theres alot going up there all the time! A must read for anyone on a budget.

4.Sam Schuerman
I had no idea who the Schuerman's were until they left youtube, then I wanted them back so I could find out more! Now I love watching their daily life and love Sams makeup videos!! I wish I could make me makeup look as amazing as hers! I also love her blog, not only is it easy to read, its full of good quality posts! Especially some great recipies YUMMY!!

5. The Cameras Lying
I first found Amy on youtube, and loved her style, how easy going she seemed infront of the camera and then I found her blog! Its a lovely blog and really showcases her love of fashion, photography and beauty.

6. Nina's Bargain Beauty
I think I stumbled upon Nina while searching for new elf products to try. Not only is she like an encyclopedia on all things elf, she does really in depth reviews. I seriously wonder how she does it sometimes with so many little ones running around her, but shes earnt huge respect from me, for being a great mommy and beauty blogger!! Another blog that seems to take a while to load but well worth the wait!!

Let me know what your favorite blogs are, and any others I should check out!
Lots of Love
x x