Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Healthier Eating

So after years of chocolate, and buscuit abuse, Ive decided to intoduce some healthier food stuffs to my life!! Now Im not saying I will always be a mean green salad eating machine, because trust me chocolate will some how find its way into my mouth (it found its way into the shopping trolly today although I did get down to one bag not 3!!)

I have decided to make some better choices, mainly being what I take to work with me, I mean I tend to lately just go to the chippy, or to asda for a ready meal, and while thats dangerous for my pretty purse, its also dangerous for my health. I dread to think of all the extra fat and salt Ive been eating! So from now on I WILL make all my own meals for work. Today at work I had a massice pasta dish. So I had a smaller meal for the evening, and Im going to share what it was with you :) yummy!!

 So I decided on a bagel. It was delish, I had turkey and ham on there, with some rocket, lettuce mushrooms and light mayo. It seriously was yummy, Pawl sat next to me saying how nice it looked, while I had made him some cheese and beans on toast!! It is what he wanted its not like I said he couldnt have a bagel!! However I dont think its fair that most of the time I cook for us at the same time and he always seems to be loosing weight where as Im gaining!! I think its because while I work and end up eating chips he secretly eats nothing!!

 I had celery with some cheese spread in it for afterwards. I love this as a snack its just so mourish!!

 And I washed it all down with some fresh orange juice. I so so so love juice, orange and apple are always in my fridge. I seem to get through it like theres no tomorrow!!

I think Im going to share regular meals with you because I want to keep track of what food Im shoveling into myself!! I can also see all the healthier choices I make, and what things I could change.

Fingers crossed I can keep up this healthy eating......although there is a bag of ice gems calling my name!!

Lots of Love
x x