Friday, 8 February 2013

Getting Organised

When I started my full time job I knew it would take me a while to get back into the swing of things. I dont have a huge amount of spare time, I get two days off a week. I also work long days Im talking 12 hours a day, So theres days I just dont want to blog after Ive come back home at 10pm. And on days I do get home before then I have to think about cleaning my flat, cooking and a whole manner of other things!! So I decided to do something about it!! Alot of the time I will blog on the go using my Ipad although Ive been trying to stop doing this as much because the blogger app is not the best and I always find myself altering the posts on my computer afterwards anyway.
So I invested in a filofax to help me manage my time. Mine is the personal size, so just right to fit in my bag and is slightly smaller then A5 size.
 I got Jack. Yepp thats the name of it. Its printed inside and everything! I managed to pick this up at a bargain price. It was under £20. Not bad considering they can cost ALOT more. I also really like the elastic close on it.
 Inside its a suede material, and Im gutted Ive already got a pen mark on the back because its really hard to clean!! But its a very nice size, and I love theres a union jack inside too.
 Ive put my diary pages first. This is a week on two pages view which I like. The boxes are big enough for me to write everything I need easily. I write in my work shifts and on the days off I write what blogs/videos Im planning on scheduling and making ect. Its not set time to publsih them just reminds me to actually do something. I find I get on a good rythm with this. I might film something in the morning, go about my daily business blog for a few hours and schedule the posts over the next few days. I will usually spend the day editing the film, then upload it the next day. I have to say it is making me feel so much more productive. I also love the little bookmark/ruler so I can quickly skip to the right week.
 Straight after the diary I have put my notes, coloured ruled paper and to-do lists. Here I write all those blog ideas I get while Im out and about. The to-do list will eventually get filled in with things, I just havnt got anything to put there yet!!
I also LOVE the colours of the paper, its all patel toned pinks, yellows, blues and purples, so cute!! Theres a decent amount of paper there and I ordered some more but its the wrong size so I need to send it back and get something else!! After all that comes the standard measurments,size guides and whole host of other things filifax give you with your planner, theres some good stuff in there but I dont use it, which is why its hidden in the back!!

I am loving how I can take this everywhere and its helping me know where I am with work, because my hours always change and keep on track of my blog. What do you guys use to help you keep organised?

Lots of Love
x x