Thursday, 7 February 2013

Getting Comfortable

When ever I read a book, I always return to an old favorite afterwards. For ages is was Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. I would read it again and again after ever other book. I loved it. I also love reading this way because I can go back to familiar characters I like, and storylines I feel comfortable with. Especially if its been a book Ive struggled to read (Casual Vacancy) or a book that has strong themes like the crime ones I read. Its just nice to have a light refreshing read. I dont feel this ruins the book at all especially as I usually pick ones I identify with or just full on love!! I think the one I will go to for my next few reads is, Twelve Rooms With a View by Theresa Rebeck. This was a surprising find in poundland and I got it on a whim. Its actually a really good book. Tina inherits a house from her mother and its one of those massive new york type apartments with millions of rooms. Being a girl with very little money its kind of like shes landed on her feet, until she finds out she has some step-brothers who have been left out of the inheritence and want the house too. They will go to any lengths to get that house (apartment thingy) She ends up squatting in the house while legal preceedings are taking place! Its a good read and I really liked it. It was easy to read and enjoyable.
If you ever see this floating around in a bargain book shop, pick it up. You may just find it a hidden gem like I did.

Lots of Love
x x