Friday, 8 February 2013

Cutex Nail Polish Remover - Review

I used to be obsessed with my bourjois 1second nail polish remover. The one that came in that little pot. It smelt nice afterwards left my nails clean and I didnt think I could get better. Then after a while I noticed problems with my new favorite product!! The sponge started to break apart inside, it couldnt quite reach into those difficult places that nailpolish sticks, just in the side of nail and skin! I couldnt use this on those rare occassions I decide to paint my toe nails!! So I decided it would be better for everyone If I left the little pink pot on the shelf and tried something different.

I picked up cutex because it claimed to strengthen nails. Mine are quite brittle so if it lives up to this I will be happy!! The first thing I have to say is I dont even care about whether it will live up to its claims. This stuff is so damn good at removing nail polish. The other day I got very lazy and just painted a dark coloured polish over one I already had on. This took it off every finger using only ONE cotton pad! I was astonished. I mean I usually use two and sometimes thats not even enough when I get to those last two nails!! I cant believe how good it was. With one quick rub and swipe everything was pretty much off!! And Im talking like two coats of pink and two coats of purple. Its just mind blowing how well it got rid of it all. Is it slightly sad I was shocked? Probably? But do I care? No, because I have a new best friend in my life, and I will probably be experiementing with nail polishes because I no longer have the hassle of taking it off! At around a pound a bottle its much less then the £5 I paid for the bourjois one!!

Lots of Love
x x