Sunday, 3 February 2013

Clinique All About The Eyes Rich Review

I did it, I got my first high end skin care product. This is clinique all about the eyes rich. As you all know I have sensitive eyes. Recently so many different factors have effected them they have been looking really dry, sore, red, puffy, and getting deep wrinkles. I use simple eye balm for ages and it really hydrates my eyes well. The only problem is it had done as much as it could. I had been looking at other creams and thought that clinique would be a good choice for me. So I went to my local clinique stand and talked about my problems, what causes them and what I wanted from an eye cream. We decided on all about the eyes rich, because the richness of the cream would sink in well, and really help nourish my skin.

I have to say upon first use I didnt notice much difference. However after a few uses my eyes are less puffy and where my simple eye balm couldnt stop that dry look even when there wasnt any dry skin, this has solved it, my eyes are looking younger, the deep wrinkles that were begining to show, this is minimising them so well. I think with continued use I can only see better results.

This has ingredients that boost your natural collagen levels so in the long term its going to firm your skin, and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I have to admit when I handed over £28 I was secretly crying inside. Why was I doing it? What if it didnt make a difference at all, I just have to accept my eyes are aging faster then I want, AND Ive wasted £28. Im happy to say this isnt the case! I feel for the differences Ive noticed already this is worth the £28 I paid. It is suitable for all skin types, even men can use it. It isnt scented (at least to me it doesnt smell) it feels fresh on the skin and soaks in well. I use this on the socket area, like the consultant told me too, because she said the natural heat in the skin will absorb the cream in where its needed. You also only need a small amount of cream and it goes a long way.

I think Ive found my new favorite eye cream!! What do you guys use?

Lots of Love

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