Friday, 1 February 2013

Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish

 Microdermabrasion is one of those big words you hear in spa's, but this is basically a 'micro polishing treatment that encourages cell renewal' This sold it for me.

 I have looked at the botanics range in boots for a while not really knowing what to buy or try out from them. I decided on some kind of scrub, but knowing that smaller scrubbing particles work better for me, that was the kind of thing I wanted. This has very fine particles in it, its almost like when you mix sugar and butter in baking, it has a similar texture(I hope the pictures show how fine the scrub is). This scrubs your face really well and you can really feel it working. I would say after the first use you notice brighter looking skin, with continued use it is supposed to refine pores and improve the skins texture. Ive added this into my new skincare routine and everything is working really well together. Im very pleased with the results.
You use this once a week, because of how well it scrubs, and after cleansing. So at the end of a busy week I really take a good amount of Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean and once thats rinsed off, I really spend a good few minutes scrubbing my face with this in small circular motions. I then wash it all off and pat my skin dry. This can feel a little scratchy a bit like a really good chunky scrub but nothing painful, I also slap on a good amount of moisturiser afterwards just to keep my skin soft and fresh.

Im so glad I picked up this and Im impressed with the results.

Have you ever tried this? What scrubs do you use?

Lots of Love
x x