Thursday, 28 February 2013

Another food post!

I swear once you have had one bagel you cant stop having them! Todays was a sesame seed one which I had some melted cheese on. Even pawl shared in with the bagel munching, except he had a plain bagel and cheese. For dinner I had a lovely mixed leaf salad with some crab sticks, mushrooms and some light mayo. I had a popadom on the side, so random but it worked well, plus they needed to be eaten, usually I would stick some croutons in my salad!

For work I just took some yoghurt and fruit. For snacks I have been eating nuts. Im actually loving all this salad stuff again. Tomorrow is the real test when I cook something from scratch as me and pawl will actually be eating together for the first time in a few days! Hope you are all well and happy!

Lots of love
X x