Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sunsilk Anti Flat - Review

Sunsilk is a brand I think I remeber doing shampoos a few years ago, Im sure my mom used to buy them all the time! I spotted this anti-flat cream in the poundstore a while ago and thought I would give it a go. Having extrememly flat hair I will try anything! Ive spent a fortune on products before but nothing adds that volume! I figured for a pound I would give it a go and if it doesnt work I havnt lost out on too much! Or I may have found the best cheap holy grail item ever!!

To use it you apply to your hair, starting at the roots then taking through the rest of your hair. Then blowdry and style as usual. Now Ive used this both wet and dry and I feel I can fully tell you this adds no volume whatso ever....nothing not even for 5 minutes.

 I will admit theres not horrible residue feeling and it leaves my hair really soft but it doesnt volumise at all. Shame really. It does smell quite nice and give me soft and hair thats full of shine. So I will probably use it on those days my hair looks a bit sad and not quite healthy. But Im still on the search for a lightweight formula that doesnt weigh my hair down but will add some volume.

What do you guys use to add volume to your hair?

Lots of Love
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