Thursday, 31 January 2013

Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm

Ive said again and again how much I love this, it really does work. I dont know if Ive ever given it a full review. Ive brought so many tubes of this so it must be right. This is a gentle balm which soaks into the skin, and hydrates well. While I use a richer cream at night this is great for my daily use, and even tops ups during the day. It relaxes my eyes especially after staring all day at computers, and when its chilled in the fridge it feels actually very heavenly after a long day!!

As this is so light I sometimes apply a generous amount and just let it sink in. I never have to worry about how close to my eyes I take this (especially as some eyecreams can only be used around the eye socket area) Ive even applied this directly on the eyelids with no problems.

As simple are experts in sensitive skin I trust that my skin will be well looked after, and I have had no problems so far, it does a great job at soothing, and calming my skin. However if you want something to reduce fine lines this probably isnt for you, however as I have just purchased a more intense cream (clinique all about the eyes rich) for my fine wrinkles and to deeply moisturise during the night. This serves as a great companion to that cream. It is soothing and refreshing and I love it on those tired, heavy eye days, or those long days at work where you just need something to soothe those little peepers this is for you. I wouldnt be without it and at around £3 its a complete bargain!

What eye creams do you use?

Lots of Love

x x