Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shop Daxon!

If like me you noticed a sudden explosion of the daxon blogger network it was because theye were offering a £50 voucher to bloggers who signed up for their vip fashion blogger network. You can sign up but I think the amazon offer isover. However there may be future rewards!

I decided to check them out a little bit more and it turns out they are a pretty good catalogue shop. Now honestly i thought most of it was going to be for a more mature taste then mine but there are some hidden gems I love!

1. Grey Boots.

Ive wanted a pair of simple grey ankle boots for ages and these look perfect! A little added bonus is they only cost £11 in the sale!

2. Bed Linen.

You all know Im moving and these cotton flat bed sheets cost from £4 and come in a host of colours. Im loving the green shade its funky and fresh, and matches the new white grey and green bed set I got the other day (much nicer then it sounds trust me!)

3. Lovely Bags.

Im a sucker for bags. This reminds me of my Radley one but is so much cheaper at £29. Im tempted oh so very tempted!!

4. Swimwear.

A bit odd for me as Im not one for swimming. And let me tell you why, being rather large chested I find it hard to find swimwear that fits and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. The high neckline on this gives me a bit of confidenceI wont spill out everywhere (trust me its happened it not nice!!)
I also feel highly exposed!this cute little dress style covers just that little bit more. Its modesty and peace of mind in a costume! I wouldn't mind walking round the beach in this or going to the pool to keep fit!

You can find daxon here:

And the blogger network here:

Whats your favourite piece from what I picked