Monday, 7 January 2013

Review MUA conceal and brighten.

So I mentioned I got the mua pro conceal and brighten kit. Ive used it a few times and feel I can offer you a review. I said before this was for me to be used as a foundation so I will be reviewing it on that basis. You get three decent sized creams a yellow tone a peach tone and a pink toned one. You are pretty much covered for all the tones your skin has! I like how creamy and light this is. Its a nice buildable coverage that I really like. This is no problem for my dry sensitive skin. I pop on a moisturiser like I normally would and let it sink in andd my skin is fine. I dont think this is the best coverage for some of its claims but is a nice little set. It lasts a decent amount of time. About 4 hours before I noticed the beginings of any fading. I would say proper fading started at 6ish hours. Im impressed with this while its not as good as my benefit some kind of gorgeous its definatly a cheaper everyday alternative. And I will keep the benefit one for special occasions.