Monday, 28 January 2013

Nail Polish Love

Im not one for huge nail art and trying to impress people with my nails! I do have a couple of magnetic ones and textures/effects but nothing that would blow most nail obsessed minds! Any nail art you have seen is probably done my my sister because she seriously has a talent for it!

But I always mooch around the poundstore hoping they will have some nice sally henson colours in! This week I was seriously impressed that the Sally Henson Complete Salon Manicure polishes had come in, in a HUGE selection of colours, I picked up a few blues, a gold that I can not wait to try, and this colour that I just havnt got anything like at all. The colour is Fairy Teal and its a beautiful green teal colour!

This took just two coats and holds up really well. After a whole day typing on a computer at work and blogging (so more typing on a computer!) theres no chips. Its what I love about these polishes. I have to admit this is my favorite brand of nail polish and I really look forward to when new shades come into poundland!!

What are your favorite nail polishes?

Lots of love
x x