Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Makeup Essentials

A lot of you may know that Im moving into a new flat. Me and Pawl pick up the keys tomorrow *eeeeeep*

This leave me with one massive problem, I haven't even begun to pack....I mean Ive put my new ugg boots back in their box, that counts right?! I mean that is something packed in a box after all! I decided my things were not as important to pack as Pawls considering he has the bed, fridge freezer, washer, sofa, tv, all the essentials really, and if he hasn't begun packing well why should I? Apparently that logic doesn't work, and he brought me 4 boxes (as he is of the male variety he doesn't understand how much stuff I have 4 boxes will probably do my books and makeup!)

So I've decided to pack clothes and makeup. These are first on the agenda, I can live without books for a few days. But with this comes the problem of, what makeup items do I keep unpacked, what will I need. Now my girly makeup obsessed brain went 'well what if I unexpectedly get invited to a party. What if I fancy trying something new? What if I need a bright lip?'

I feel I have managed to narrow it down to a few essentials.
Real techniques buffing brush - where would I be without this brush? I have to have that right?
Royal & Langnickle blush brush - this is my all time favourite blush brush so again I have to have it!
Mua blush shade 2 - my go to shade right now.
Benefit bad gal mascara - yepp trying to save space here, its not a bad mascara but not my favourite but it takes up next to no space in my mini makeup bag.
Soap and glory eyeliner - just your basic black kohl liner I love this because it lasts a really long time on me.
Sleek au natural palette - i tend to apply one quick swipe on colour with my finger fast and effective.
The next is a hard one I couldn't decide between concealers so gone for two meaning I can skip carrying a foundation and together these work well.
Soap and glory concealer, this has two cream concealers that I love AND a setting powder, bonus space saving packaging there!
Collection 2000 lasting concealer - every blogger and their mother has this and every blogger and their mother knows how amazing this is. No more needs to be said on why this has made it into my essentials.
Elf mineral lipstick - this is in nicely nude its a lovely my lips but better colour. Its not something i will use everyday but I can wear if for any of those last minute videos or when I want to feel completely made up!

If you had the pick very few makeup items for a few days, what would make your cut?