Tuesday, 29 January 2013

John Frieda Shampoo Review

Today I have two shampoos to share with you. Ive never really found a shampoo I love I always just think its something to clean my hair, I never got excited about them.So  I decided to try the John Frieda shampoos as Im trying to gradually get lighter more blonder tones in my hair. Currently my hair is light/medium brown with dark blonde highlights. Im a bit nervous about putting any more colour on my hair as it has taken 4 boxes (and a bleach) to get rid of the red and dark brown thats in there!! So Hopefully this will lighten and tone my hair gradually, giving me a more natural over all look.
 So I have the Go Blonder and the Colour Renew. Both of these lather up so well. I really feel like my hair is getting a deep clean. They leave my hair soft but the go blonder isnt quite of nourishing or moisturising as the colour renew is, however it is not a problem at all with a conditioner.
 The lightening shampoo contains Citrus and Chamomile, both known for improving the look of blonde hair. It must be the combination of these that lightens the hair. You can notice a slight difference when I use this especially on the lighter sections of hair, but i think with the old chestnut colour I had there must be lingerings of red because it can look slightly ginger after a wash with this, but even with one wash I noticed a difference, and I have high hopes for this shampoo.

Having experience of going from brown to blonde hair before that ended in me being completely ginger for a few months I knew I needed something to try and combat that!! So the colour renew was what I went for. Ive used the touch of silver shampoos before but after many months of being white blonde I began to feel they were not doing alot to keep my hair feeling nice. As expected this is a purple shampoo and Im not sure how they do it but purple shampoos minimise the orange/brassy tones. Now this really is a wonder product!!
After one use even Pawl said my hair looking noticably blonder (if your boyfriend who never notices anything notices a difference in your hair something is seriously working well) Ive used both of these shampoos just once, but sometimes you dont need to use things alot to know they will work and do what they claim to do. Im so happy I purchased these and will probably look more into the John Frieda range to see what else they have to offer me!!
These cost just short of £6 around £5.86 or something like that, but you can get them on offer sometimes. Ive paid more for shampoo in the past and not been impressed so even though these are a little pricey I will be repurchasing them, as I have now found a shampoo I like and can see why some people spend alot of money on them. Its not just something to clean your hair, but can actually change and improve it!

What must have shampoo's do you use?

Lots of Love
x x