Saturday, 2 February 2013

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Review

Im not one for conditioner, I have really greasy roots but dry ends, Ive always put up with those dry ends because conditioner makes my hair too greasy at the roots, as in so greasy you can see it half way through the day! On a recent (ha Im talking before Christmas!!) trip to the hairdressers they told me to prehaps consider a leave in conditioner and just concentrate on the ends, we talked about budget brands because although she used redkin in the salon and it worked brilliantly on me at the time I couldnt afford it, so she said maybe try aussie or as an even cheaper alternative try herbal essences. She said either try the hydration range or split end protection range. I went and had a look in boots and decided on the beautiful ends collection as its has raspberries in there and Im a sucker for anything that smells of berries!!

I picked the leave in conditioner knowing I could concentrate it just on my ends and use it when I really needed it. I love this stuff, its lightweight doesnt feel sticky in my hair, sinks in so well, Ive even stuck it on dry hair and it just soaks in and you wouldnt tell Ive put it on! On wet hair it glides in smoothly helps to detangle and smells so yummy!! It also doesnt make my hair overly greasy if I use it in the roots. Its not often I do it, but I no longer feel the need to wash my hair half way through the day for putting a bit of conditioner on!! I do think this has made a difference, a huge difference actually, I notice less breakages while brushing (and my hair was badly damaged it was stretching a breaking at the time) it is no longer stretchy and I have a lot let split ends. Seriously consider this if you have split ends, at the end of the day if you dont like it your only going to loose a couple of pounds, rather then alot of money on a high end product!! It lasts ages too I only need one pump for my shoulder length hair, so you really get your moneys worth!