Thursday, 31 January 2013

Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm

Ive said again and again how much I love this, it really does work. I dont know if Ive ever given it a full review. Ive brought so many tubes of this so it must be right. This is a gentle balm which soaks into the skin, and hydrates well. While I use a richer cream at night this is great for my daily use, and even tops ups during the day. It relaxes my eyes especially after staring all day at computers, and when its chilled in the fridge it feels actually very heavenly after a long day!!

As this is so light I sometimes apply a generous amount and just let it sink in. I never have to worry about how close to my eyes I take this (especially as some eyecreams can only be used around the eye socket area) Ive even applied this directly on the eyelids with no problems.

As simple are experts in sensitive skin I trust that my skin will be well looked after, and I have had no problems so far, it does a great job at soothing, and calming my skin. However if you want something to reduce fine lines this probably isnt for you, however as I have just purchased a more intense cream (clinique all about the eyes rich) for my fine wrinkles and to deeply moisturise during the night. This serves as a great companion to that cream. It is soothing and refreshing and I love it on those tired, heavy eye days, or those long days at work where you just need something to soothe those little peepers this is for you. I wouldnt be without it and at around £3 its a complete bargain!

What eye creams do you use?

Lots of Love

x x

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Hand Food is hands down the best hand cream I own right now. It smells lush, really hydrates my hands and is nice and soft on them!
 If your looking for a hand cream go and smell this in boots, its lovely it has shea butter, macadamia oil and strangely the label even says marshmellow!! I suppose it does smell a bit marshmellowy!! I take a good size dollop of this and really work it in and leave it to work its magic! Even my Pawl uses this and loves the results and he has the roughest hands in the world!!
My hands feel soft and smell nice for ages afterwards! Its definatly a must have product!!

Lots of Love

x x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean

What can I say about this product that hasn't already been said? Probably nothing but Im going to tell you what I think about it, especially as I have highly sensitive skin. I have tried the hot cloth cleanser by S&G and also the Liz Earl ones, however they irritated my skin too much due to  the active ingrediants. It left me with puffy swollen skin, I just couldnt get along with them. However gentler cleansers were just not doing the job anymore. I first heard of this product from Miss Budget Beauty. Shes raved about how it improved her skin and even the benefits of using it as a mask (she lets it soak into her skin for 10mins then rinses off). Im not brave enough to try it as a mask I think it would be too much for me. However based on her words alone I decided to get it, and when boots had this is the christmas set on offer I jumped at buying it especially after there were so many products in there I wanted to use.

So onto a review after a rather long introduction. It claims to do so much, seriously pick up a bottle and see what it can do, melt your makeup off, energise your skin, it has peaches to smooth skin, quillaja bark, which is a natural soap, jojoba oil, to soften the skin. It includes 'Detoxyboost Technology' to purify and deep clean, and 'Poreshrink R2' for clearer, fresher, brighter complexion.

Seriously thats some tough stuff. I did wonder if this would be too much for my skin, but decided to go head first and really test this out. Im happy to say I dont have any reactions to this. It smells amazing, really cleans my face, makes it soft, and I have noticed a difference. Its not just 'oh my skin feels a bit cleaner' like it is usually with gentler cleansers. It is a genuine 'Wow, what a difference I feel'. This isnt drying on my skin is really nice and soft when im rubbing it in, and it just feels like it melts into my skin and really helps to clean it deep down. Ive noticed I have less breakouts dont get me wrong I still have the odd few spots, but specific clusters of spots in my trouble areas.
The smell is one thing I love using this for, obviously the good results make me want to carry on using it. I love it, I cant say how happy I am Ive found a stong cleanser for my seriously tempermental skin!! For £8 this is a bargain little miracle product. I do have one warning for you, it has an ingredient called 'alpha hydroxy acids' that can make your skin photosensitive, so you are going to want to find a good sunscreen you can wear daily because your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.

What do you think of this if you have used it? What cleansers do you use?

Lots of Love
x x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Winged Liner

New video is up and ready to be seen!! Get your first look at pawl and my winged eyeliner tutorial.

Sunsilk Anti Flat - Review

Sunsilk is a brand I think I remeber doing shampoos a few years ago, Im sure my mom used to buy them all the time! I spotted this anti-flat cream in the poundstore a while ago and thought I would give it a go. Having extrememly flat hair I will try anything! Ive spent a fortune on products before but nothing adds that volume! I figured for a pound I would give it a go and if it doesnt work I havnt lost out on too much! Or I may have found the best cheap holy grail item ever!!

To use it you apply to your hair, starting at the roots then taking through the rest of your hair. Then blowdry and style as usual. Now Ive used this both wet and dry and I feel I can fully tell you this adds no volume whatso ever....nothing not even for 5 minutes.

 I will admit theres not horrible residue feeling and it leaves my hair really soft but it doesnt volumise at all. Shame really. It does smell quite nice and give me soft and hair thats full of shine. So I will probably use it on those days my hair looks a bit sad and not quite healthy. But Im still on the search for a lightweight formula that doesnt weigh my hair down but will add some volume.

What do you guys use to add volume to your hair?

Lots of Love
x x

John Frieda Shampoo Review

Today I have two shampoos to share with you. Ive never really found a shampoo I love I always just think its something to clean my hair, I never got excited about them.So  I decided to try the John Frieda shampoos as Im trying to gradually get lighter more blonder tones in my hair. Currently my hair is light/medium brown with dark blonde highlights. Im a bit nervous about putting any more colour on my hair as it has taken 4 boxes (and a bleach) to get rid of the red and dark brown thats in there!! So Hopefully this will lighten and tone my hair gradually, giving me a more natural over all look.
 So I have the Go Blonder and the Colour Renew. Both of these lather up so well. I really feel like my hair is getting a deep clean. They leave my hair soft but the go blonder isnt quite of nourishing or moisturising as the colour renew is, however it is not a problem at all with a conditioner.
 The lightening shampoo contains Citrus and Chamomile, both known for improving the look of blonde hair. It must be the combination of these that lightens the hair. You can notice a slight difference when I use this especially on the lighter sections of hair, but i think with the old chestnut colour I had there must be lingerings of red because it can look slightly ginger after a wash with this, but even with one wash I noticed a difference, and I have high hopes for this shampoo.

Having experience of going from brown to blonde hair before that ended in me being completely ginger for a few months I knew I needed something to try and combat that!! So the colour renew was what I went for. Ive used the touch of silver shampoos before but after many months of being white blonde I began to feel they were not doing alot to keep my hair feeling nice. As expected this is a purple shampoo and Im not sure how they do it but purple shampoos minimise the orange/brassy tones. Now this really is a wonder product!!
After one use even Pawl said my hair looking noticably blonder (if your boyfriend who never notices anything notices a difference in your hair something is seriously working well) Ive used both of these shampoos just once, but sometimes you dont need to use things alot to know they will work and do what they claim to do. Im so happy I purchased these and will probably look more into the John Frieda range to see what else they have to offer me!!
These cost just short of £6 around £5.86 or something like that, but you can get them on offer sometimes. Ive paid more for shampoo in the past and not been impressed so even though these are a little pricey I will be repurchasing them, as I have now found a shampoo I like and can see why some people spend alot of money on them. Its not just something to clean your hair, but can actually change and improve it!

What must have shampoo's do you use?

Lots of Love
x x

Monday, 28 January 2013

Nail Polish Love

Im not one for huge nail art and trying to impress people with my nails! I do have a couple of magnetic ones and textures/effects but nothing that would blow most nail obsessed minds! Any nail art you have seen is probably done my my sister because she seriously has a talent for it!

But I always mooch around the poundstore hoping they will have some nice sally henson colours in! This week I was seriously impressed that the Sally Henson Complete Salon Manicure polishes had come in, in a HUGE selection of colours, I picked up a few blues, a gold that I can not wait to try, and this colour that I just havnt got anything like at all. The colour is Fairy Teal and its a beautiful green teal colour!

This took just two coats and holds up really well. After a whole day typing on a computer at work and blogging (so more typing on a computer!) theres no chips. Its what I love about these polishes. I have to admit this is my favorite brand of nail polish and I really look forward to when new shades come into poundland!!

What are your favorite nail polishes?

Lots of love
x x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2012

Well I know its late, but it was a requested video and with moving its taken me longer then usual to get it all filmed and uploaded!!
I hope your are all well and like the blog changes.
Let me know

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Hi guys my new blog changes are taking place!! Theres a new handy search box to look for anything you like in this blog, and labels to the side. I just need to re-design my top banner and Im all done!

Today Im just going to share with you my face of the day.

I used

Healthy Mix Serum
Almay Loose Powder
Elf Eyeshadow in Matt Mauve
Elf Liquid Eyeliner,
Falsifeye Mascara
Grow Luscious Mascara
MUA Blush shade 3
Hoola Bronzer
Vivo Baked Bronzer
17 Lipstick

There will be a youtube video to go along with this soon if you want to see it in a bit more detail.
Loads of Love


Sunday, 20 January 2013


To be honest I hate these posts. I always say how Im going to change and start updating more often, but honestly I can not promise that anymore. As you all know I got a new job and moved into a new flat and so things have been very very stressful. My new job involves me covering any shifts that need covering in my company around the west midlands area. Yesterday I worked a 12 hour day and add on top of that the 2 hours of public transport it leaves one very tired Kerri. All I can say is thank you ever so much for sticking with me and reading my blog. Also you may notice slight changes to my blog, its a bit all over the place, I'm in the middle of changing it and shaking it up a bit. It should be finished sometime this week!

So thanks to you guys for sticking with me, while I may not be a regular poster I do have the best intentions for my blog. I hope to be blogging whenever I can! Lots of love

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Review - Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara

So first off Im terribly sorry for the over exposed/flash pictures.
As this mascara was one of the items in the huuuuuuge soap and glory box set from boots. I thought I would give you a review on it. This is available to buy by itself and I think is around £10.
Now mascara is a very personal thing and I dont want to bash on anyones holy grail item here, but oh my days its bad. Far too much mascara collects on the brush. It looks horrible on there and gets wasted around the top of the tube putting the wand back in. Its a very very dry formula. Usually I like a dryish mascara where its almost instantly dry but this feels like Ive just accidently left it open for a month. One thing it has in its favour is it doesnt clump and its a pretty decent deep black. But down sides again, it doesnt lengthen or volumise just makes my lashes a bit better looking and it doesnt last an awful long time either. I am so glad I didnt pay full rrp for this. Have you tried this mascara? What do you think of it? What is your holy grail mascara?

Will You Be Keeping Instagram

So instagram are changing their terms and conditions. Everyone seemed up in arms about it on twitter yesterday and Im not sure if I will be keeping mine or not yet. If you dont know facebook own instagram and the terms are changing about what they can do with your photos. If you havnt heard the newly changed terms, that start on Jan 16.
Instagram's new policies, which go into effect January 16, lay the groundwork for the company to begin generating advertising revenue by giving marketers the right to display profile pictures and other personal information such as who users follow in advertisements. The new terms, which allow an advertiser to pay Instagram "to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata)" without compensation.
The last part is whats important this says instagram can sell your photos ect without your permission and without giving you any of the money made by selling them. This has caused alot of public outcry and I understand why especially if you are a business, model, actor, blogger whatever you dont want anyone selling you photos. This has caused alot of people to say they are getting rid of instagram as the only way to opt out of the new terms is deleting your account. Did I also mention if you are underage the changes still apply!
So what I think alot of people took from this was panic. Lets say you have holiday snaps at a hotel. Instagram could sell those photos to the hotel and they can advertise with your holiday snaps. From gaining a bit more knowledge I dont think this will be the case they will more then likely base it on facebook adverts. This basicaly uses your info (more then likely sold to companier) to personalise ads to you. Where the selling of pictures comes in Im still not 100% sure. The new terms can be better for you. Before a company could take your pictures and alter them and no one would be any wiser. But now the new terms mean your pictures will not be altered so at least you will know they are being used.
Im sure there is more to learn as far as the changes go and im not sure what I think about it all. I will be researching more. But all I know is by the 16th I will have made a decision as after that instagram will assume you agree to new terms.

New Years Resolutions

Put your hands in the air and wave em like you just don't care, if every year you never actually carry on with your resolutions. My hands are hight in the air and waving around frantically.

So what have you promised to do?
New year new you?
Healthy eating?
More exercise?
Dropping a dress size?
Eating less chocolate?
Working harder?
Getting a new job? (Although I have never had this one I did get a new this month!!)
Buy less makeup? (One thing I will never be able to do)

This year after I have just got a new job this month and the first week of Jan I will be moving into a new flat, this year for me will be about being more tolerable! I think living with the boyfriend as lovely as he is will be testing at times. So my new years resolutions are probably really mundane and boring things like being a bit nicer, finding ways to make things work, cleaning more often!!

I am excited for the new year and I do feel its going to be a good year! What are you guys looking forward to in 2013?

MUA Pro Base Conceal and Brighten

This was anounced on the MUA fb page a few days ago. This is a 3 cream concealer kit. It photographs really odd and looks very dark. I got the lightest option in porcelain beige. It claims to camouflage any skin imperfections including blemishes scars birthmarks and under eye circles. Theres a yellow tone a flesh tone and a darker tone thats actually a pink highlight. Ive quickly put this on my face and when I first saw this I knew I would use the different shades on different parts of my face for a foundation. It makes a nice light coverage. Im not sure on its covering abilities but I will get back to you with a full review. Oh and this was a bargain £3.50.

2013 Changes

Hello my lovely friends and followers!!
I hope that 2012 has been treating you well so far! I have some great news theres finally some internet and tv in my new flat!! I am so happy I can get back to blogging and uploading onto youtube!!

I got the January issue of company magazine the other day, the super blogger issue. I know alot of people had issues with it, especially the a-z part and while I didnt agree with eveything in there it has spurred me into thinking maybe I need a massive new update to my blog. Ive been thinking for a while that there were things I wanted to change, with the layout and pages ect. I want to make it easier for you to find the posts you are interested in, and easier to navigate!! First thing up is a slight change of name, while I am still going to be little pretty things I think its rather a mouth full so Im shortening it to LPT, it will make it easier for you to remember it aswell :)

So for the next few days if I dont answer comments on this post or you come back and its a bit all over the place, dont worry I will be back, and hopefully with an improved setup you will like and appreciate.


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shop Daxon!

If like me you noticed a sudden explosion of the daxon blogger network it was because theye were offering a £50 voucher to bloggers who signed up for their vip fashion blogger network. You can sign up but I think the amazon offer isover. However there may be future rewards!

I decided to check them out a little bit more and it turns out they are a pretty good catalogue shop. Now honestly i thought most of it was going to be for a more mature taste then mine but there are some hidden gems I love!

1. Grey Boots.

Ive wanted a pair of simple grey ankle boots for ages and these look perfect! A little added bonus is they only cost £11 in the sale!

2. Bed Linen.

You all know Im moving and these cotton flat bed sheets cost from £4 and come in a host of colours. Im loving the green shade its funky and fresh, and matches the new white grey and green bed set I got the other day (much nicer then it sounds trust me!)

3. Lovely Bags.

Im a sucker for bags. This reminds me of my Radley one but is so much cheaper at £29. Im tempted oh so very tempted!!

4. Swimwear.

A bit odd for me as Im not one for swimming. And let me tell you why, being rather large chested I find it hard to find swimwear that fits and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. The high neckline on this gives me a bit of confidenceI wont spill out everywhere (trust me its happened it not nice!!)
I also feel highly exposed!this cute little dress style covers just that little bit more. Its modesty and peace of mind in a costume! I wouldn't mind walking round the beach in this or going to the pool to keep fit!

You can find daxon here:

And the blogger network here:

Whats your favourite piece from what I picked

Monday, 7 January 2013

Review MUA conceal and brighten.

So I mentioned I got the mua pro conceal and brighten kit. Ive used it a few times and feel I can offer you a review. I said before this was for me to be used as a foundation so I will be reviewing it on that basis. You get three decent sized creams a yellow tone a peach tone and a pink toned one. You are pretty much covered for all the tones your skin has! I like how creamy and light this is. Its a nice buildable coverage that I really like. This is no problem for my dry sensitive skin. I pop on a moisturiser like I normally would and let it sink in andd my skin is fine. I dont think this is the best coverage for some of its claims but is a nice little set. It lasts a decent amount of time. About 4 hours before I noticed the beginings of any fading. I would say proper fading started at 6ish hours. Im impressed with this while its not as good as my benefit some kind of gorgeous its definatly a cheaper everyday alternative. And I will keep the benefit one for special occasions.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Makeup Essentials

A lot of you may know that Im moving into a new flat. Me and Pawl pick up the keys tomorrow *eeeeeep*

This leave me with one massive problem, I haven't even begun to pack....I mean Ive put my new ugg boots back in their box, that counts right?! I mean that is something packed in a box after all! I decided my things were not as important to pack as Pawls considering he has the bed, fridge freezer, washer, sofa, tv, all the essentials really, and if he hasn't begun packing well why should I? Apparently that logic doesn't work, and he brought me 4 boxes (as he is of the male variety he doesn't understand how much stuff I have 4 boxes will probably do my books and makeup!)

So I've decided to pack clothes and makeup. These are first on the agenda, I can live without books for a few days. But with this comes the problem of, what makeup items do I keep unpacked, what will I need. Now my girly makeup obsessed brain went 'well what if I unexpectedly get invited to a party. What if I fancy trying something new? What if I need a bright lip?'

I feel I have managed to narrow it down to a few essentials.
Real techniques buffing brush - where would I be without this brush? I have to have that right?
Royal & Langnickle blush brush - this is my all time favourite blush brush so again I have to have it!
Mua blush shade 2 - my go to shade right now.
Benefit bad gal mascara - yepp trying to save space here, its not a bad mascara but not my favourite but it takes up next to no space in my mini makeup bag.
Soap and glory eyeliner - just your basic black kohl liner I love this because it lasts a really long time on me.
Sleek au natural palette - i tend to apply one quick swipe on colour with my finger fast and effective.
The next is a hard one I couldn't decide between concealers so gone for two meaning I can skip carrying a foundation and together these work well.
Soap and glory concealer, this has two cream concealers that I love AND a setting powder, bonus space saving packaging there!
Collection 2000 lasting concealer - every blogger and their mother has this and every blogger and their mother knows how amazing this is. No more needs to be said on why this has made it into my essentials.
Elf mineral lipstick - this is in nicely nude its a lovely my lips but better colour. Its not something i will use everyday but I can wear if for any of those last minute videos or when I want to feel completely made up!

If you had the pick very few makeup items for a few days, what would make your cut?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

ELF Goodies and Baddies

I keep getting asked on youtube when Im coming back so I finally put up a video its an old one but shows all the elf products I love. As well as the ones Im not so fond of!