Thursday, 17 January 2013

Will You Be Keeping Instagram

So instagram are changing their terms and conditions. Everyone seemed up in arms about it on twitter yesterday and Im not sure if I will be keeping mine or not yet. If you dont know facebook own instagram and the terms are changing about what they can do with your photos. If you havnt heard the newly changed terms, that start on Jan 16.
Instagram's new policies, which go into effect January 16, lay the groundwork for the company to begin generating advertising revenue by giving marketers the right to display profile pictures and other personal information such as who users follow in advertisements. The new terms, which allow an advertiser to pay Instagram "to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata)" without compensation.
The last part is whats important this says instagram can sell your photos ect without your permission and without giving you any of the money made by selling them. This has caused alot of public outcry and I understand why especially if you are a business, model, actor, blogger whatever you dont want anyone selling you photos. This has caused alot of people to say they are getting rid of instagram as the only way to opt out of the new terms is deleting your account. Did I also mention if you are underage the changes still apply!
So what I think alot of people took from this was panic. Lets say you have holiday snaps at a hotel. Instagram could sell those photos to the hotel and they can advertise with your holiday snaps. From gaining a bit more knowledge I dont think this will be the case they will more then likely base it on facebook adverts. This basicaly uses your info (more then likely sold to companier) to personalise ads to you. Where the selling of pictures comes in Im still not 100% sure. The new terms can be better for you. Before a company could take your pictures and alter them and no one would be any wiser. But now the new terms mean your pictures will not be altered so at least you will know they are being used.
Im sure there is more to learn as far as the changes go and im not sure what I think about it all. I will be researching more. But all I know is by the 16th I will have made a decision as after that instagram will assume you agree to new terms.