Sunday, 2 December 2012

Where Have I Been?

Well I quit my job, its why I have been away and I start a new full time job on monday. Oh the stress! So I left my previous job and couldnt be happier, that place made me physically ill. From no prospects, management bullying, false contracts, contract changes due to illness which they were not allowed to do Im glad to be out of there!!

So my new job will be full time and I have to say Im so excited. Theres a huge amount of personal and professional growth to be had in this new company. The sad part is I may not be so active on here or my youtube :(

I will get two days off a week so maybe I can work wonders on those days when Ive settled into a routine.
So for today, my last day off before my new job, I will be scheduling some posts and putting blog ads up.

Hope you are all having fab sundays