Thursday, 27 December 2012

Relief For Sore Eyes

Having very sensitive skin that basically decides randomly 'no I don't like this Im going to make your eyes sore red puffy and itchy for the next three days' is the biggest ball ache in my life!!

Anything can trigger my sore eyes (my new onesie being this weeks culprit hopefully a wash in Kerri friendly washing powder will help) from washing powder, face cleansers, mascara, cats, pollen, life in general it all leads to sore eyes. I thought I would share a few of my must have items.

1. Eyedrops.
Mine are a superdrugs own brand for itchy slightly infected eyes. I don't think these cost any more then £3 and as long as they will relieve itching and hydrate your eyes it should be good enough. I went for the option to fight infection as the last few times Ive been to a doctor they have said they are infected. And these drops are cheaper then a prescription!M

2. Eye cream.
Im using the simple eyebalm. Its nice and gentle and really helps to rehydrate my skin around the delicate eye area. It sinks in so fast on a bad day I have applied this every hour. I also slap on a thicker layer when Im going to sleep. This brings down the puffyness and redness a little bit. If you pop this in the fridge its super cooling too. This is my second or third tube of this. I have other eye creams but I return to this one all the time.

3. Eye Cleanser.
This is the Liz Earl eye bright. It can be used as a very gentle cleanser. But my favorite way to use this is to soak cotton wool pads in it place them over my closed eyes, pop on one of those gel eyemasks thats been in a fridge for half an hour, and have a little nap. This really refreshes my eyes and soothes them. It can be a bit stingy on any cracked skin but for me I find it bearable.

What do you use if you have problem eyes?