Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Doing What I Shouldnt

For all my life Ive suffered from terrible eczema. It is much worse then your normal red itchy flakey skin associated with eczema, it gets infected, leaving it slightly scabby looking its always caused me problems. It cracks around my elbows and knees and leaves me in pain when I move. Not to mention the negative emotional effects its had on me. Ive tried natural remedies and anything prescribed to me by a doctor but now Im going the completely opposite way. I figured why not, my skin can not possibly get any worse!

I decided to buy the big box of soap and glory products thats at boots and Im using them plus a few other things from now on.

So Im going to let you know what Im using now and will report back on how its working for me!
To wash for now I still use oilatum. Which is a white paraffin oil based wash. This can dry out skin but I do like washing with it and it has helped to slightly improve my skin. I intend to lower my usage of this and start using soap and glory clean on me instead but I haven't used that yet. I then dry and use the body milk from soap and glory, Im loving this so far it smells to me like popcorn! Its odd but it really reminds me of that! I love it!! I also once a week use a sugar scrub just to help get rid of those stubborn dry skin patches. Im not going to use this harsh scrub any more then that as I don't want to damage any new fresh skin trying to get through!! I use garnier hydra-lock moisturiser during the day and at night I use some prescribed creams. Either dermovate or epiderm. I have noticed a slight improvement in my arms already so now Ive started to use this process on my legs too Im hoping I get some good results.

I also use oilatum on my face, the peaches and clean cleanser from soap and glory and use simple eye balm around my eye area. For moisturiser on my face I use Layla D honey moisturiser which I got in a glossy box a few months ago. I also alternate my moisturiser between the Layla D, a Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser and my Ponds anti-wrinkle moisturiser.

I have fingers crossed for some kind of results and I now a lot of eczema sufferers are probably screaming at your computer screens at me right now! Thinking how can you use chemical products or perfumed products ect. But honestly I don't care any more. If everything I 'should' be doing are not working why not try what I shouldn't use.