Friday, 28 December 2012


Today I picked up three little bargains from superdrugs. After how well simple eye balm is working on my sensitive skin I figured I would work in some more of their products into my skincare. At first I headed over to the gift section to see what christmas gifts were left over.and standing there proudly were two different simple skin care sets. One had a mini moisturiser a mini toner and something else in there. For a bargain £2.99 it did look good but As I am a bit of a hoarder I tend to get the mini version of something love it, buy the full size version and never use the mini version (even tho I always tell people they are for travel when in actual fact I haven't been on a holiday or day trip for about 5years!).
The other. Set had a full size moisturiser and a full sized set of face wipes. They came in a cute bag for £4.99. Now I picked this up thinking it must be a good bargain but the back of my mind was telling me to go and see how much I was saving. So over I went to the simple stand and almost everything was on offer!! The moisturiser and the wipes were only £2 each. So I picked them up and returned to gift set to its rightful place on the shelf. I couldn't believe the price of them. Even the eye cream I repurchased last week was on special offer!! So they were my major bargains of the day. £2 for that moisturiser, you just can't pass it up. If you need to stock up on simple skincare pop down to your local superdrugs and snap something up!!

While returning the gift set to its self I spied with my little eye a small brush set that had been tucked away behind some deodorant sets. It has 4 brushes that all are nice size and I will get some use out of them for the cheap cheap price of £1.99. Superdrugs has been good to me today as far as unexpected bargains go!