Monday, 31 December 2012

No Idea What To Put Here!!!

As I will be moving into my lovely new flat soon I get the keys in three days. I cant wait to have a proper dedicated space to blog and film videos! But I really want to share this more with Pawl.(Hes my lovely bf for those who are wondering) I was thinking of doing the bf tag with him. But I havnt actually asked him yet!!! THE REASON I want to do it is because its a big part of my life blogging and making videos and I want him to share and understand it more and maybe even help me occasionally film things. Have any of you filmed with your other half or even family members was it difficult to get them to agree to it? x

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Part of the Daxon Network

Daxon are giving fashion bloggers the chance to link up and become part of their network. Find out more here. for any blog that is accepted before the 31.12.12 (yeah I found out late on this one) you can receive a £50 amazon voucher.

Friday, 28 December 2012


Today I picked up three little bargains from superdrugs. After how well simple eye balm is working on my sensitive skin I figured I would work in some more of their products into my skincare. At first I headed over to the gift section to see what christmas gifts were left over.and standing there proudly were two different simple skin care sets. One had a mini moisturiser a mini toner and something else in there. For a bargain £2.99 it did look good but As I am a bit of a hoarder I tend to get the mini version of something love it, buy the full size version and never use the mini version (even tho I always tell people they are for travel when in actual fact I haven't been on a holiday or day trip for about 5years!).
The other. Set had a full size moisturiser and a full sized set of face wipes. They came in a cute bag for £4.99. Now I picked this up thinking it must be a good bargain but the back of my mind was telling me to go and see how much I was saving. So over I went to the simple stand and almost everything was on offer!! The moisturiser and the wipes were only £2 each. So I picked them up and returned to gift set to its rightful place on the shelf. I couldn't believe the price of them. Even the eye cream I repurchased last week was on special offer!! So they were my major bargains of the day. £2 for that moisturiser, you just can't pass it up. If you need to stock up on simple skincare pop down to your local superdrugs and snap something up!!

While returning the gift set to its self I spied with my little eye a small brush set that had been tucked away behind some deodorant sets. It has 4 brushes that all are nice size and I will get some use out of them for the cheap cheap price of £1.99. Superdrugs has been good to me today as far as unexpected bargains go!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Relief For Sore Eyes

Having very sensitive skin that basically decides randomly 'no I don't like this Im going to make your eyes sore red puffy and itchy for the next three days' is the biggest ball ache in my life!!

Anything can trigger my sore eyes (my new onesie being this weeks culprit hopefully a wash in Kerri friendly washing powder will help) from washing powder, face cleansers, mascara, cats, pollen, life in general it all leads to sore eyes. I thought I would share a few of my must have items.

1. Eyedrops.
Mine are a superdrugs own brand for itchy slightly infected eyes. I don't think these cost any more then £3 and as long as they will relieve itching and hydrate your eyes it should be good enough. I went for the option to fight infection as the last few times Ive been to a doctor they have said they are infected. And these drops are cheaper then a prescription!M

2. Eye cream.
Im using the simple eyebalm. Its nice and gentle and really helps to rehydrate my skin around the delicate eye area. It sinks in so fast on a bad day I have applied this every hour. I also slap on a thicker layer when Im going to sleep. This brings down the puffyness and redness a little bit. If you pop this in the fridge its super cooling too. This is my second or third tube of this. I have other eye creams but I return to this one all the time.

3. Eye Cleanser.
This is the Liz Earl eye bright. It can be used as a very gentle cleanser. But my favorite way to use this is to soak cotton wool pads in it place them over my closed eyes, pop on one of those gel eyemasks thats been in a fridge for half an hour, and have a little nap. This really refreshes my eyes and soothes them. It can be a bit stingy on any cracked skin but for me I find it bearable.

What do you use if you have problem eyes?

DIY Galaxy Print Shorts

I posted photos about these shorts a few weeks back, and I finally strung together footage of me making them.

I hope you enjoy.


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas & Giveaway Winner

Merry Christmas guys hope you have had a wonderful day!! I got a lovely new camera to film my youtube videos on and a flying squirrel onesie off the lovely boyfriend!! Its pretty bad ass if I say so myself!!

Ive finally got round to drawing the winner of my 100 followers giveaway and Im actually over the moon to say I had over 300 entries. Its taken me so long to draw this as me and Pawl have been stressing out trying to find a place to live in January. We finally found somewhere and I feel I can relax a bit now!!

I used rafflecopter to run my giveaway and here is the winner.....

I am so happy that this giveaway winner is someone I know likes my blog and interacts with me!! For everyone else please keep checking me out I will be holding more giveaways soon!!

Thankyou everyone that reads and talks to me on here I love it. See you all soon xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Help Me Spend My Vouchers

Ive been given £20 In next vouchers. Ive never really shopped there and have no idea what to get. Do I buy a cute bag? Something for the new flat me and Pawl  finally found. Or a nice top. Im just at a loss as I dont know what is good from there! What do you guys buy when shopping in next

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Doing What I Shouldnt

For all my life Ive suffered from terrible eczema. It is much worse then your normal red itchy flakey skin associated with eczema, it gets infected, leaving it slightly scabby looking its always caused me problems. It cracks around my elbows and knees and leaves me in pain when I move. Not to mention the negative emotional effects its had on me. Ive tried natural remedies and anything prescribed to me by a doctor but now Im going the completely opposite way. I figured why not, my skin can not possibly get any worse!

I decided to buy the big box of soap and glory products thats at boots and Im using them plus a few other things from now on.

So Im going to let you know what Im using now and will report back on how its working for me!
To wash for now I still use oilatum. Which is a white paraffin oil based wash. This can dry out skin but I do like washing with it and it has helped to slightly improve my skin. I intend to lower my usage of this and start using soap and glory clean on me instead but I haven't used that yet. I then dry and use the body milk from soap and glory, Im loving this so far it smells to me like popcorn! Its odd but it really reminds me of that! I love it!! I also once a week use a sugar scrub just to help get rid of those stubborn dry skin patches. Im not going to use this harsh scrub any more then that as I don't want to damage any new fresh skin trying to get through!! I use garnier hydra-lock moisturiser during the day and at night I use some prescribed creams. Either dermovate or epiderm. I have noticed a slight improvement in my arms already so now Ive started to use this process on my legs too Im hoping I get some good results.

I also use oilatum on my face, the peaches and clean cleanser from soap and glory and use simple eye balm around my eye area. For moisturiser on my face I use Layla D honey moisturiser which I got in a glossy box a few months ago. I also alternate my moisturiser between the Layla D, a Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser and my Ponds anti-wrinkle moisturiser.

I have fingers crossed for some kind of results and I now a lot of eczema sufferers are probably screaming at your computer screens at me right now! Thinking how can you use chemical products or perfumed products ect. But honestly I don't care any more. If everything I 'should' be doing are not working why not try what I shouldn't use.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Got That Christmas Feeling

For ages Ive been looking for that perfect Christmas jumper. I found this in one of those small  cheapish shop for £12. Ive seen loads of these types all over the place. You know the ones leggins for sale at £5 loads of stuff you can never imagine wearing. Well there are some hidden gems in those shops. I love this top its so comfy and not too much of a bright penguin in your face chistmas top. So its perfect for my style. Have you got a christmas jumper yet?

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Soap and Glory Box Set

Its the big one. That major boots bargain every beauty blogger and her mom has been waiting for. The glorious day that the mahoosive soap and glory box set (rrp £60) goes better then half price. In this case a crazy bargain offer of £27. This year I really did not want to miss the opportunity to get this must have item and took the hour bus journey to a store that would stock it. Hurray I got one only to go home and find items were missing, so then I had to make the journey in the pouring rain all over again!
Now I have no pictures as people have claimed things already but I will tell you whats in the box. Well bag really its just a huge bag with NINE full size products. I couldnt believe it. So drum roll please, this is what your getting.
The Righteous Butter
Hand Food
Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Clean On Me Shower Gel
Smoothie Star Body Milk
Heel Genius Foot Mask
Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk
Sexy Mother Pucker in Punch Bowl
Thick and Fast Mascara.

If you see this in your store pick it up. Its already sold out online thats how popular this is!

Let me know what your favourite soap and glory product is!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Where Have I Been?

Well I quit my job, its why I have been away and I start a new full time job on monday. Oh the stress! So I left my previous job and couldnt be happier, that place made me physically ill. From no prospects, management bullying, false contracts, contract changes due to illness which they were not allowed to do Im glad to be out of there!!

So my new job will be full time and I have to say Im so excited. Theres a huge amount of personal and professional growth to be had in this new company. The sad part is I may not be so active on here or my youtube :(

I will get two days off a week so maybe I can work wonders on those days when Ive settled into a routine.
So for today, my last day off before my new job, I will be scheduling some posts and putting blog ads up.

Hope you are all having fab sundays