Thursday, 8 November 2012

Things I Have Thrown

Hi Guys :)

Bit of an odd one today, I threw out a few things either they were old, terrible or no one else wanted them!

 First up is these two mousse foundations. Now I kindof liked them when I first got them, and I do feel they give quite a good matte coverage but they have just got drying on my skin and have started to dry out, time they headed to the bin!!
Next is three elf products. I feel bad with this firstly because you can get an elf product and its terrible but next time its great, like the liquid eyeliners sometimes they are fab, sometimes they are crap!! But these three I just wont be purchasing again to test out this theory!
The foundation was just not for me no matter how little I used it felt heavy on me, it oxidised quickly on my face and I almost always got a streaky finish. Just not what I wanted from a foundation. Next was the complextion perfection powder. Its a powder compact with four different powders all supposedly to combat different skin problems, there was a blue yellow green and pink powder but it didnt really do anything. Other then look a little powdery ontop of foundation!! I got this when I was just getting into makeup and only now realise what a waste of money and what a bad product this is. Finally my most recent product the cream concealers you get a set of four and I was really looking for a soft creamy concealer thats easy to blend and use. This is not it. Its stubborn and refuses to come out, almost like its been frozen in there its so solid and hard to work with. For a cream it leaves a very powdery finish probably from how dry this is! There wasnt a tonne of moisture in these cream concealers. I wish I hadnt wasted my money on these. This is kind of a negative post I suppose and It got me thinking about things to be careful with when buying from elf!! So look out for that post!!!

What products do you not like or have been disappointed with?