Friday, 2 November 2012

Review - Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Hi guys, time for a review today.

Ive been looking for a really great concealer lately and I decided to try the soap and glory kick ass concealer. I decided to pick this up in light just because I have fair skin.
This has so much to it I dont even know where to begin reviewing! There are two different cream concealers inside a peachey toned one and a more yellow toned one. It also comes with a setting powder and small puff to apply with. 

 First off I absolutely adore this packaging! I like the simplicity of it, I also love the stars, its a nice size and has a handy mirror inside underneath the powder tray. When first opened you see the powder first and then that lifts up to reveal the two creams. Around the outside of the pot, it tells you which order to do the steps in, so the creams are step one and two and the powder is step three.
 The powder looks white in the pan but its actually a great setting powder that has a slight colour to it. Its nothing dark or noticeable and if it were to be used by itself it would just stop shine. I actually use this to set my whole face not just my concealer.
 And here are the creams! So the peach on the left I use to conceal under my eyes, it applies nicely and is so soft to touch! I really wanted a nice creamy textured concealer thats easy to get out of the pot and apply to the face. Its so easy to blend I love using this, its just so much simpler then a liquid and less messy!!! I usually just dab on where I need it and blend with a brush. I use the yellow toned one on the right to cover any spots and imperfections. I have had a yellow powder before that minimised redness in my skin, so I had high hopes that this would minimise those odd few spots. It really does work, they are less red and noticable and it doesnt just sit on top of a spot and make it more obvious like some liquid concealers I have.

This cost me £10 and I will admit when buying I was thinking 'why am I spending this much on a concealer' but oh my days it is so worth it! It is my new go to product. I can wear just this to conceal those few little blemishes and feel confident enough to walk out of the house!

Have you tried this? What concealers do you use?