Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review - Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters

I have three shades of the Revlon  Lip Butters. Candy Apple Peach Parfait and Tutti Frutti.
                                                L-R Candy Apply, Peach Parfait, Tutti Frutti
 I absolutley love the texture of these. There has been alot of mixed reviews about these products some people saying they are nothing like they expected them to be, but personally I love them. I think they are creamy and soft of the lips with a slight colour pay off.

 I do get slightly dissapointed with how little product there actually is. This is candy apple, Ive used it twice and there isnt alot there. For £7.99 I do feel Ive been slightly robbed! I feel like someones gone 'Hey heres this great product buy it, you will love it and its sooooo good' only to find yeah its a great product and I do actually love them but oh how I wish your packaging was full of product! The next three pictures are all of the lip butters fully extended! You will see how little is in them.
 Candy Apple, I really like this shade its my newest one. As I said Ive only used it twice and there just isnt alot there! Its a shame really!!
 This is Peach Parfait, it is my least favorite shade and I hardly ever reach for it. and already theres less then half left! I use this one mainly for nude looks it has quite noticable shimmer in it, which I found unecessary as the product is naturally very glossy without added shimmer.
 This is my favorite its Tutti Frutti, I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. This got me into orange lipstick big time, and I will probably repurchase this as I cand find an orange like it anywhere. Im quite a fair bit through this one, and I probably dont have much of it left. The colour pay of is great in this one and I have found you can intensify the colour on this one by dabbing off with a tissue then applying a second layer on your lips.
 Candy Apple - perfect if you want to try out a red lip but are not brave enough to go all out!!
 Peach Parfait - possibly the best barely there shimmery nude lip (but just not my style at all!)
 Tutti Frutti - The best hint of orange Ive tried yet, any lipstick Ive brought since just doesnt compare!! Any suggestions for one are hugely welcome!

I think these are great products. I think its a huge shame that Revlon decided to market them at a huge price (they are not cheap at £7.99) and give you so little useable product, I like the packaging and that its easy to identify which colour you are using. I think if you picked up the wrong colours you would probably feel like these are a waste of money as they are not for everyone, but if you happen to find the right colours you will probably love these. I wouldnt say they are hugely moisturising and using them long term is probably not going to give you any benefit but they are super soft and nice to use, and are moisturising and dont dry the lips out. But I just dont feel that they are going to help in the long run if you have dry lips. Your better off using normal lip balms/butters to soften and improve your lips then use these afterwards.

Have you Tried these? Whats your favourite colour?


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